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Africa Day Six

(Wednesday 12/15/99)

Another day of house shopping…

It looks like we have found a place that we mostly like.  It is a three bedroom one floor house in a large compound in Millimani.  They are putting some serious looking spikes on the wall right now and the compound area is full of branches and building materials.  There isn’t a lot of grass, but there are a couple of banana trees.  We’ve dubbed it the Miami Vice house because of the striking use of pastels in the decor.  It is a pretty good house, all things considered.  You are all more than welcome to visit if we end up with it (I’ll post pictures when I can.)

We went to visit once during the afternoon and then Kim’s boss, Feiko, stopped by and we looked at a couple of houses, including the Miami Vice house again.  One of his questions to the guy that was taking care of the house, as well as setting up possible takers, was whether or not the roof leaked.  He said, predictably, “no, no, no.  It never leaks.

About an hour later it started pouring rain.  A couple of minutes after the rain started, the power went out.  I guess that it happens almost every time it rains here.  I’m going to keep this pretty brief right now because it looks like it is going to rain right now.  As the power went out Feiko called back to see if we wanted to go and look at the house now that it was raining.  So we went back again, for the third time in the same day, to take a look. 

Predictably, the roof was leaking, although not as severely as could have been the case.  He told us that they would fix it first thing in the morning.  We’ll see…