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January 15th, 2001

I just realized that one year ago today we moved into our goes really quickly.

Unfortunately, I did end up staying up to late again tonight working on technical stuff, rather than writing, so I'm too tired (again) to really write about them. Just in case someone reads this before I have time to write some more, here's the big news:


New Dog

Cute isn't he? OK, so he doesn't look so very cute in this picture, but in his defense, it was his first night and he missed his old house and girlfriend. He also got in a fight over said girlfriend and had his ear mangled a little bit. You'll have to trust us that this is a very nice friendly dog. But....We haven't decided on a name yet, so we're looking for you to help name him. Just click on the poll below and we tabulate the results. In the meantime, I gotta go to bed. (of course, in the meantime there are some more pictures.)