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May 10, 2001

Killed my first chicken today. It was just as unpleasant to do as I thought it would be, but thought I should give it a go at least once. Our ex-employee Godfrey's mother brought us the chicken as a present this last weekend. Since then it's been tied up in a closet eating stale bread. Jackson, the guy who's working for us now, couldn't believe that I had never killed a chicken before. Didn't faint or throw up or otherwise embarrass myself, but don't know if I have the stomach for it again any time soon.

In really big news:

Behold, Our New Car:


We're very pleased. It's very flash actually. Quite a bit more flash than either of us are used to. Bless those Japanese. There are gadgets galore in this car. There's a little button that retracts the side mirrors. There's a tool kit built into the back door. There's a plug-in flash light in the cargo area. If you push buttons and pull levers you can change the back seats into a kind of bed like some real life Transformer robot. I could go on and on....

Living here with a car is a completely different experience. We have a lot more freedom to travel around, both Kisumu and the rest of the country. Trying to plan a weekend trip when you have to depend on unsafe, unreliable public transportation is often more of a headache than it's worth. We're planning to take our first trip out of Kisumu this weekend. Due to time constraints, it will most likely just be a short trip to Kakamega forest, but still we're looking forward to taking it out on safari. There are so many cool places to visit so near by, it'll be very nice to finally go out and see them.

(Update: A couple of pictures from Kakamega Trip)

Speaking of time constraints:

I'm getting ready to come back to the States next week. I'm arriving on Friday May 18th at 6:51 PM on United Airlines flight number UA7649.

Right now our plans are thus:

Kim will not have nearly as much time in the States as I will and she will basically be running around like mad the entire time. Advance apologies to all, but our wedding comes at a very important time in her job so she can't stay away as long as she would like.

As for me, I will most likely be staying at either my mom's (734) 662-1458 or my dad's (248) 437-1198 or someone else's couch or guest room.

So this will most likely be the last time that I will be able to write anything in the next couple of months, and, quite honestly, I haven't been doing a very good of keeping this up to date for the last couple of months. You may have noticed that there are quite a few new pictures up. I've tried to post those fairly regularly. I may even manage one more batch before I take off. There are also some updates for our wedding on the "Accommodation" page. I've also included a new set of pages exploring the distorted world of pirated movies.

See you soon!