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born at 9:41 am
Thursday March 14th, 2002
8 lbs. 5 oz
21 inches
ten and ten (fingers & toes).

(a the way...and Kijana means youth or young boy in Kiswahili)

no time now for fancy web are links to other pictures:
New Pictures: (3/21/02)
Photo Op
Max and Cousin Dawson
Max, Grandpa Lalo and Aunt Jill On their Birthdays
Max and Great-Grandma Lopez 1
Max and Great-Grandma Lopez 2
Max, Great-Grandma and Cousins 1
Max, Great-Grandma and Cousins 2
Max, Great-Granma and Cousin Maya
Max and Great-Aunt Stella

slightly older pictures:

Max Just After Birth
Mother, Father and Max
Father and Son
First Night at Home
Max and Grandpa Lopez
Max and Grandma Jorgensen
Max and Aunt Betty (Angie)
Father and Son again
First Night...also
Max and Grandma Woo-Hoo!
Max and Grandpa Lindblade 3
Max and Grandpa Lindblade 2
Max and Grandpa Lindblade 1
Max and Grandma Woo-Hoo! Again!
Max and Zac