MPW...The hottest wrestling in Vegas

What is, is...what was, was...and what we did will never be forgotten

R.I.P. James "Crisis" Hand, our brother, our friend

God Bless America

MPW WAS the hottest backyard wrestling federation
in Las Vegas, NV and left behind a legacy , that will never be matched, in any way, shape or the very near future this website will be revamped, and become the MPW tribute website, where fans, friends, enemies, midgets, domestic animals, homosexuals, porn stars, etc, can come to reflect on all aspects of Moon Pie Wrestling...the past, the present, and the future...

"its all fun and games until someone gets hurt...then its freakin hilarious"

...MPW is dead...

... is MPW dead???...

So, what exactly has happened with the MPW stars, since the last show about 2 years ago? Well, the biggest news is also the saddest...James "Crisis" Hand passed away on 10/31/04. We all loved him and he will be missed, RIP buddy...Abrith, MPW Really Big Fat Nutz champion, has moved to New York and is still in contact...Raider is seeking bail...Blaque Hart made some interesting remarks on his website, basically trying to stir up some bad moods, but it fell on deaf ears and was put to a halt by the intellectual typing phenom called Howie D...Mickey Daygo, Flawless Kid, and Beautiful Bobby, have all lost touch...Kanabal still resides in California and is still in touch...Flaco is attending the University of Nevada Las Vegas, studying medicine...Adaven is alive and well, and spends time staring at feminine stimulation devices at his job in an adult bookstore...long time sweethearts Agony and Daisy Mae are doing well in their recently purchased house with their 2 dogs...Krazy Kim is being the best damn barista there is and is waiting for the eclipse...Stoolie is just being himself and has gotten a little more ink...and you can find Howie D and Rob Kong showing their homosexuality either text messaging each other or being little girls on myspace...

"vatos locos por vida"

Thanks to MPW Security for um, securing us

Lately, Howie wonders...

We're very squrty about My Space and text messaging

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MPW would like to offer a big thank you to the following people, places, things, etc
(if your name is not on here dont worry, this list will be updated frequently...)

Krazy Kim

Latino Smell Security
Angelo "Hey Yo" Rubio & Rafael "Raphie" Martinez

Roxie Rubio

Broken End

Hawlee, Ben Sr. & Ben Jr. Cornette

Mutilated Agony

"Tokyo" Ho So "Buffer"

Xtreme Radio 107.5 FM Las Vegas

Sherry Schwindt

Joe Bowen

The Frog

4 am Fatality

Kyle Bowen
Brian Brown
Dave Clark
Sam Dean
Lori Friedgen
Steven Garcia
Andy Hammock
Jimmy Hammock
Matt Hampton
James Hand RIP
Fred Ice
Robert Ice
Daniel Jordan
David Miller
Ryan Pruitt
Robert "Bobby" Teal
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