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Amazon Wrestling Views (AWV)

This is a New page I am creating, I hope you dig it.

As you can see everything is under construction, so hopefully soon things will begin to look half way decent.
Anyway, you may be wondering what the heck is AWV? It's a newsletter I created which features some of the Best female pro-wrestling writers anywhere! Each issue there is something different, and you can always count on some FUN! I am the Editor, and the other talented writers I have gathered to write for AWV are: Graysox, you may know the name; Bianca, you Will know the name soon, and the Newest member of the crew is Bratt! AWV is an opinion-lead newsletter, and as you can see, it is written by females. That's 1 of the things that makes AWV so unique, our perspective is different, although solid, and our points of views will challenge you, and possibly even make you look at the sport of wrestling a little different than usual. :)

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I have added something New that you may enjoy. It doesn't concern wrestling, but Mind Reading! I think I may be able to read your mind! Interested in the possibilities? Click here:

Mind Reading 101


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