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American Idol Armwrestling Page

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Jeremy`s Armwrestling pictures, and information.

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This page is about the world of professional armwrestlers, and the sport of armwrestling. Now I know what your thinking.."I didn`t know there was such a sport". Well, you do now..Actually this sport is getting to be pretty big now.And hopefully will continue to grow.I`ve been armwrestling competitively for just under a year, but have come a long way compared to where I was.I,like most of you, thought it was all about who was the strongest..Yeah right..I`m a pretty strong guy, but there were guys half my size beating me all over the place.Needless to say, I wasn`t to happy about that at all.So I started practicing with some pro`s, and eventually became much better.I`ve been in many states now, and hope to go across country lines soon as well.There is so much more to this sport than anyone could imagine.There is certain ways to train yourself.Much different than normal weight training.I owe alot to my friends because they are the reason I`m getting better by the day.My best friend Kyle Kastanas is who got the bug into me in the first place.Then it was all over.I fell in love with it.I practice twice a week with all my friends.Kyle Kastanas, which is my pick to win the national championships this year.John Wilson, a great armwrestler out of O`fallen,Missouri, and a good friend of mine.Sterling Miles, out of Fenton,Missouri..Pat Bere out of Illinois..Shaun Dempsy Sr, and Jr,out of High Ridge Missouri,Tony Picholli out of Illinois, Britton Mathews out of High Ridge,Missouri..And some great up and coming armwrestlers, and new to our team are Bob Akins,a bog boy out of High Ridge,Missouri..D.J. Lucas out of High Ridge,Missouri,Jeremy Lea...Niel Tobnick..Tracy Richter, which has only pulled once, but has the bug..Hang in there...And all the other guys I may have missed..Sorry, but show up more, and I`ll remember you.*lol* In my short time,I`ve had alot of great memories to tell of..I`ve pulled with 7 time world champion Engin Terzi from Turkey, and the Turkish national champion Kazm something?I`ve pulled with former world champion Wayne Burns, who is a character to say the least..*lol* I`ve pulled with Greg Wilson who has been all over the world armwrestling.I`ve won a few tournaments as well..Most recently the right, and left handed classes at the Midwest Armwrestling Association`s Superman Competition..I`ve won Wayne Burns tournament...I`ve seen some of the best the world has to offer, and some of the best places the country has to offer.This is a clean sport, and I have a blast doing it.Thanks to all that has helped me along the way, and in the words of Tony Picholli.." Pull till you puke!" Sign the guestbook on your way out, and thanks for visiting my page...Check out the pictures..Alot of great pullers! Peace, Jeremy

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