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Oregon Events in Bold Face




October 25-27, 2002 Sunkist Kids International Open (Phoenix, Ariz - Senior Division Freestyle - Tim Gressley at 480-483-2907)
October 26, 2002 Dinos Invitational Wrestling Tournament (University of Calgary,Calgary, AB Canada - Senior Division Freestyle (younger girls may participate) - Bobo Umemoto at 503-761-2038)
November 8-9, 2002 Clansman International (Vancouver, BC, Canada, Simon Frasier Univeristy, - Women's Senior Division Freestyle - Bobo Umemoto 503-761-2038)
November 16, 2002 Tenative USGWA Event (Honolulu, Hawaii. Visit, - Folkstyle Girls all ages)
November 23rd, 2002 Pacific University Junior Open (Forest Grove, Oregon, Pacific Univeristy, - Junior Women's Division Freestyle - Bobo Umemoto 503-761-2038)
November 30, 2002 Pacific University Open (Forest Grove, Oregon, Pacific Univeristy, - Senior Women's Division Freestyle - Bobo Umemoto 503-761-2038)
December 7, 2002 Del Mar High School Folkstyle Event (San Jose, CA, 408-279-4587)
December 13, 2002 Terra Nova H.S. Folkstyle Event (Pacifica, CA, 650-550-7643)
December 12-14, 2002 Simon Frasier War on the Floor (Vancouver, BC, Canada - Middle School & High School Girls Freestyle - Novice & Elite - Bobo Umemoto 503-761-2038)
December 19, 2002 Lady Oak Wrestling Invitational (Menlo College, Atherton, CA, Lee Allen, 650-543-3853)
December 21, 2002 San Mateo H.S. Folkstyle Event (San Mateo, CA, 650-738-2470)
January 4, 2003 Edison H.S. Folkstyle Event (Stockton, CA, 209-953-4485)
January 4, 2003 Pacific Lutheran University Open (Tacoma, WA, Ray Gonzales)
January 11, 2003 Thousand Oaks H.S. Folkstyle Event (CA, Contact: 805-495-7491)
January 10-11,2003 Oregon Women's Classic (Redmond, Oregon, College freestyle duals, girls folkstyle, Women's Open Freestyle - Bobo Umemoto 503-761-2038)
January 18,2003 Napa Valley Girls Classic (Napa, California, Vintage High School, High School Girls, Folkstyle - Carl Murphree, 707-224-3068)
January 25,2003 Missouri Valley College International (St. Joseph, MO, Senior Women, Freestyle - Mike Macholz 660-831-4158)
January 31-February 1 ,2003 FILA Manitoba Open (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Senior Women Freestyle, Contact: Nat Brigante 204-925-5670)
February 1 ,2003 Vallejo H.S. Folkstyle Event (Vallejo, CA, Contact: 707-643-2700)
Feburary 7-9, 2003 Dave Schultz Memorial International (Colorado Springs, CO, Senior Women, Freestyle - Pete Isais, 719-598-8181)
Feburary 8, 2003 Amador Valley H.S. Folkstyle Event (Pleasanton, CA, Contact: 925-846-2818)
March 29-30, 2003 USGWA National Championships (Lake Orion High School, Lake Orion, MI, Folkstyle: Elementary, Middle School, High School, College, plus a college freestyle. Visit )
April 4-6, 2003 Canadian Cadet & Juvenile National Championships (Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Freestyle, Contact: Canada Lutte 613-748-5686)
April 11-13,2003 FILA Women National Championships (St. Joseph, MO, Women's University, FILA Junior, FILA Cadet, Schoolgirl, Elementary Freestyle - Eric Betterman, 651-503-5632)
May 8-10,2003 U.S. Senior Women's National Championships (Las Vegas, NV, Senior Women, Freestyle - Larry Barnson, 702-735-5862)
June 20-22,2003 World Team Trials (Indianapolis, IN, Qualified Senior Women, Freestyle - Pete Isais, 719-598-8181)
July 20-26,2003 ASICS/Vaughan Junior National Championships (Fargo, ND, Must Qualify through your state Association, Contact:Pete Isais, 719-598-8181)
August 2-4,2003 Pan American Games (Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep., Contact: Mitch Hull 719-598-8181)
August 23-31,2003 FILA Junior World Champonships (Athens, Greece, Contact: Mitch Hull 719-598-8181)
September 11-14,2003 Women's World Championships (New York City, NY, Senior Women, Freestyle - Pete Isais, 719-598-8181)
October 25-26, 2003 Sunkist International Open (Tempe, AZ, Senior Women, Freestyle - Tim Gressley, 480-483-2907)



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