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2002 USGWA National Championships

March 22nd - March 24, 2002
Lake Orion High School
Lake Orion, Michigan

10 Oregon & 7 Washington Girls represented the Northwest as a combined team this year at the 2002 USGWA National Championships. Twelve of those wrestlers came home with hardware. We had Six 1st places, Two 2nd Places, One 4th place, One 5th place and Two 12th place finishes at the end of the three days.

There were 550 girls and 34 states represented this year at the three day tournament. The 1st ever Girls High School State Dual Meet Championship were held on Friday March 22, 2002. Our Oregon/Washington combined team placed 3rd ahead of Michigan, Iowa, Texas & Hawaii . California defeated Minnesota winning the state dual meet this year. Saturday started the College Freestyle tournament, High School Folkstyle, Middle School and Elementary folkstyle Championships as well. Sunday concluded with College folkstyle and all the medal matches for all other divisions. Elementary & Middle School wrestlers were included in the parade of champions this year and everyone was sporting smiles! Oregon places 8th this year out of 34 states & Washington places 25th this year.

Special thanks to all the coaches Bobo Umemoto, Mike Umemoto & Kim Simmons. You all put out a lot of effort to help out the girls! Thank you!

Below are the indiviual results per weight Class.

High School Division

110lbs, Na’Tasha Umemoto, Portland, Oregon, 2nd Place
Na'Tasha Umemoto (Portland, Oregon) pinned Joanna Wu (Wayne, New Jersey) 1:58
Umemoto OR dec. Rountree KY 4-0
Umemoto OR pinned Torres HI 2:35
Na'Tasha Umemoto (Fr), Oregon Dec Shiela Lerit (Sr), California, 8-7
Malinda Ripley (Antioch, California) dec. Na'Tasha Umemoto (Portland, Oregon) 6-2

118lbs, Stephanie Whalen, Vancouver, Washington, dnp
Jen Chu (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) pinned Stephanie Whalen (Vancouver, Washington) 2:54
April Dick (Monticello, Illinois) pinned Whalen WA 3:29

122lbs, Shawn Swartlender, Burns, Oregon, 1st Place
Shawn Swartlender (Burns, Oregon) dec. Kari Bible (Minneapolis, Minnesota) 10-3
Swartzlender OR dec. Mucha AK 7-1
Swartzlender OR pinned Kearney FL 0:48
Swartzlender OR inj.def. over Banh CA 3:22
Shawn Swartzlender (Burns, Oregon) pinned Hilary Lucarelli (Ishpeming, Michigan) 5:46

126lbs, Jordan Bryant, Hood River, Oregon, dnp
Danielle Bowen (South Attleboro, Massachusetts) pinned Jordan Bryant (Hood River, Oregon) 2:32
Desiree' Keys (Jr), Hawaii Dec Jordan Bryant (Fr), Oregon, 8-6

126lbs, Emily Parker, Portland, Oregon dnp
Regina Alexander (San Pablo, California) pinned Emily Parker (Portland, Oregon) 5:13
Amber Iturralde (Sr), California Fall Emily Parker (Jr), Oregon, 3:18

130lbs, Katie Ford, Vancouver, Washington, 12th Place
Katie Ford (Vancouver, Washington) pinned Kelsi Lindemann (Spencer, Iowa) 5:46
Magdaleno MI pinned Ford WA 0:57
Rocky Magdaleno (Sr), Michigan Fall Katie Ford (Fr), Oregon, 0:57
Katie Ford (Fr), Oregon Fall Cadie Severn (Fr), Arizona, 2:08
Othella Lucas (Jr), California Fall Katie Ford (Fr), Oregon, 2:13
Kristen Casaubon (Dudley, Massachusetts) pinned Katie Ford (Vancouver, Washington) 0:36

134lbs, Laurin Daniels, Washington, dnp
Diana Mato (Jr\), Texas Dec Laurin Daniels (So), Washington, 6-5
Beth Larowe (Fr), Michigan Dec Laurin Daniels (So), Washington, 7-3

138lbs, Courtney Pownall, Dayton, Oregon, 12th Place
Bethany Jezierski (Jr), Michigan T-Fall Courtney Pownall (Jr), Oregon, 17-1 6:00
Courtney Pownall (Jr), Oregon Fall Susan Puder (So), Florida, 2:38
Courtney Pownall (Jr), Oregon Fall Katie Gebhardt (Fr), Wisconsin, 0:44
Natasha Douglas (So), Alaska M-Dec Courtney Pownall (Jr), Oregon, 16-2
Lauren Pedrosa (Kissimmee, Florida) dec. Courtney Pownall (Dayton, Oregon) 7-4

144lbs, Cindi Gourley, Sweet Home, Oregon, dnp
Sheri Hilliard (Jr), North Dakota Dec Cindi Gourley (Sr), Oregon, 6-2
Carmen Martinez (Sr), California M-Dec Cindi Gourley (Sr), Oregon, 13-2

165lbs, Sammi Lang, Tualatin, Oregon, 1st Place
Samantha Lang (So), Oregon Fall Colette Curtis (Fr), Kansas, 1:10
Samantha Lang (So), Oregon M-Dec Nickia Jensen (So), Minnesota, 13-3
Samantha Lang (Tualatin, Oregon) pinned Megan Goldsmith (Merrillan, Wisconsin) 4:57

Middle School Division

78lbs, Misty Corwin, Waldport, Oregon, 1st Place
1st - Misty Corwin (Waldport, Oregon) maj.dec. Maggie Peterson (Kewadin, Michigan) 13-0
Corwin pinned Webb 3:32
Corwin pinned Coffey 0:56
Corwin pinned Brown 0:20

91lbs, Summer Mercier, Dayton, Oregon, 5th Place
Summer Mercier (Dayton, Oregon) pinned Shannon Hall (West Newfield, Maine) 4:15
Hall dec. Mercier 14-10
Mercier pinned Heidemann 3:52
Conder pinned Mercier 1:02

116lbs, Veronica Holloway, Fields, Oregon, 1st Place
Veronica Holloway (Fields, Oregon) pinned Emily Brumenschenkel (Amherst,Ohio) 1:04
Holloway maj.dec. Peasley 12-0
Holloway pinned Thomas 1:04

132lbs, Dena Richardson, Vancouver, Washington, 4th Place
Stacie Maloney (Gladstone, Michigan) dec. Dena Richardson (Vancouver, Washington) 4-0
Richardson dec. Maloney 7-3
Douglas dec. Richardson 11-8
Richardson pinned Magdaleno 1:19

141lbs, Melissa Simmons, Ridgefield, Washington, 1st Place
Melissa Simmons (Ridgefield, Washington) pinned Melissa Brown (Moline, Illinois) 2:17
Simmons dec. Bauman 6-1
Simmons forfeit over Wymer

Elementary School Division

68lbs, Alysia Pohren, Mt. Vernon, Washington, 2nd Place
Tiffany Sluik (Mason City, Iowa) tech.fall Alysia Pohren (Mt.Vernon, Washington) 16-0
Pohren pinned Sibley 0:21

73lbs, Kelsey Hanson, Washougal, Washington, 1st Place
Kelsey Hanson (Washougal, Washington) pinned KC Jo Pringle (Hugo, Minnesota) 0:34
Hanson pinned Kingsley 0:17
Hanson pinned Harmon 0:18
Kelsey was named Outstanding Wrestler for the Elementary Division!

2002 USGWA National Championships
TEAM SCORES (by state)
1st - California....304.5 points
2nd - Michigan....280 points
3rd - Hawaii....203.5 points
4th - Minnesota....189 points
5th - Ohio....141 points
6th - Pennsylvania....120 points
7th - Iowa....104.5 points
8th - Oregon....99 points
9th - New York....98.5 points
10th - Texas....84 points
11th - Florida....77 points
12th - Illinois....72 points
13th - Wisconsin....70 points
14th - Kansas....63 points
15th - Alaska....43 points
16th - Vermont....39 points
17th - Maine....38 points
18th - Arizona....30 points
19th - West Virginia....27.5 points
20th - New Mexico....21 points
21st - Indiana....20 points
22nd - Maryland....17 points
23rd - Virginia....14.5 points
24th - Tennessee....14 points
25th - Washington....12 points
26th - Massachusetts....10 points
27th - Connecticut....8 points
28th - North Dakota....6 points
29th - New Jersey....5 points
30th - Kentucky....4 points
31st - Missouri....4 points
32nd - Georgia....1 point
33rd - Colorado....0 points
34th - Delaware....0 points

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