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2002 Oregon USGWA State Championships

February 24, 2002
Forest Grove High School
Forest Grove, Oregon

68lbs to 74lbs (Middle School / Elementary School Combined)

1st Place Misty Corwin, Waldport, OR (Middle)
2nd Place Kelsey Hanson, Washougal, WA (Elementary)
3rd Place Alysia Pohron, Mt. Vernon, WA (Elementary)

Round 1:
Corwin dec. Pohran 9-7
Round 2:
Hanson pinned Pohran 4:51
Round 3:
Corwin pinned Hanson 1:09

88lbs to 104lbs (Elementary/Middle/High School Combined)

1st Place Witney Conder, Puyallup, WA (Middle)
2nd Place Summer Mercier, Dayton, OR (Middle)
3rd Place Jody Schwehr, Portland, OR (HS)
4th Place Laura Gourley, Sweet Home, OR (Elementary)

Round 1:
Conder maj.dec. Mercier 16-2
Schwehr maj.dec. Gourley 12-5
Round 2:
Mercier tech.fall Schwehr 15-0
Conder pinned Gourley :32
Round 3:
Mercier pinned Gourley :41
Conder tech.fall Schwehr 15-0

115lbs to 122lbs (High School Division only)

1st Place Na’Tasha Umemoto, Portland, OR
2nd Place Stephanie Whalen, Vancouver, WA
3rd Place Brandy Richards, Oakland, OR
4th Place Sky Bell, Mozlips, WA
5th Place Jenny Taylor, Westport, WA

Round 1:
Umemoto maj.dec. Taylor 18-3
Whalen maj.dec. Bell 12-3
Richards BYE
Round 2:
Umemoto dec. Richards 5-2
Bell dec. Taylor 8-3
Whalen BYE
Round 3:
Umemoto pinned Whalen 5:42
Taylor dec. Richards 10-6
Bell BYE
Round 4:
Umemoto pinned Bell
Whalen pinned Richards
Taylor BYE
Round 5:
Whalen Taylor 12-1
Richards pinned Bell
Umemoto BYE

123lbs – 128lbs (Middle School/High School Combined)

1st Place Dena Richards, Vancouver, WA (Middle)
2nd Place Emily Reina, Sagle, Idaho, (HS)
3rd Place Emily Parker, Portland, OR (HS)
4th Place Nicole Hyde, Aberdeen, WA (Middle)

Round 1:
Reina pinned Bryant 5:55
Parker pinned Hyde :46
Richardson BYE
Round 2:
Parker pinned Bryant 2:22
Richardson pinned Reina 5:29
Hyde BYE
Round 3:
Reina pinned Hyde 1:09
Richardson dec. Bryant 13-8
Parker BYE
Round 4:
Reina pinned Parker
Richardson pinned Hyde
Bryant BYE
Round 5:
Bryant pinned Hyde
Richardson pinned Parker
Bryant BYE

129lbs – 133lbs (High School only division)

1st Place Meg Cox, Kellogg, ID
2nd Place Laurin Daniels, Vashon, WA
3rd Place Katie Ford, Vancouver, WA
4th Place Nicole Engle, Olympia, WA

Round 1:
Cox pinned Ford 1:13
Daniels tech.fall. Engle 15-0
Round 2:
Cox pinned Engle 1:02
Daniels pinned Ford 2:43
Round 3:
Cox maj.dec. Daniels 17-5
Ford pinned Engle 3:46

134lbs – 148lbs (Middle School/High School Combined)

1st Place Courtney Pownall, Dayton, OR (HS)
2nd Place Melissa Simmons, Ridgefield, WA (Middle)
3rd Place Azalia Richer, Creston, WA (Middle)
4th Place Danielle Gordon, South Bend, WA (HS)

Round 1:
Simmons pinned Richer :54
Pownall pinned Gordon 2:29
Round 2:
Pownall pinned Richer :32
Simmons pinned Gordon 2:22
Round 3:
Richer dec. Gordon 3-1
Pownall pinned Simmons 2:34

152lbs – 211lbs (Middle School/High School Combined)

1st Place Sammi Lang, Tualatin, OR (HS)
2nd Place Sandra Mullvain, Westport, WA (HS)
3rd Place Cynthia Gourley, Sweet Home, OR (HS)
4th Place Kendra Thomas, Portland, OR (Middle)
5th Place Jasmine Durant, Aberdeen, WA (Middle)

Round 1:
Lang pinned Gourley :39
Mullvain pinned Durant
Thomas BYE
Round 2:
Gourley pinned Thomas 1:31
Lang pinned Mullvain 1:24
Durant BYE
Round 3:
Gourley pinned Durant 1:01
Lang pinned Thomas :40
Mullvain BYE
Round 4:
Mullvain pinned Gourley
Thomas pinned Durant
Lang BYE
Round 5:
Lang pinned Durant
Mullvain pinned Thomas
Grouley BYE


Misty Corwin – Elementary Division
Witney Condor – Middle School Division
Sammi Lang – High School Division
Thanks to Pacific University Women's Wrestling Team for putting this years championships together!!

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