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Oregon Women's Wrestling Pictures

Group Picture from 2000 USGWA Nationals

From Left to Right: (Angie Wells, Sammi Lang, Wendy Haney, Dena Richardson, Summer Mercier, (in back) Charlene Pratt, Na'Tasha Umemoto, (in back) Melissa Simmons, Shoni Plageman, Katrina Nauva, Chris Nye, (in back) Katie Babits, Shawn Swartzlender)

March 2000 USGWA Trip; Fooling around on the Rain Forest Cafe

Back row: (Katrina Nauva, Wendy Haney, Sammi Lang, Katie Babits) In Front: (Melissa Simmons)

Sammi Lang Wrestles in Michigan

Sammi got some extra wreslting practice in at the Rain Forest Cafe.

2000 USGWA Girls National team after Weigh Ins!
Left to right: (Angie Wells, Coach: Oscar Hicks, Summer Mercier, Charlene Pratt, Melissa Simmons, Katie Babits, Wendy Haney, Shawn Swartzlender, Na'Tasha Umemoto, Sammi Lang, Katrina Nauva)