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Womens Wreslting Links & More

Women & Girls Wrestling in Oregon. If you want your web page or name added to the web page list or the database. Email me all the info.

If you want me to create a web page for you also just email me.

Women's College Wrestling Programs

University of Minnesota-Morris
Missouri Valley College
Cumberland College
Women at UC Davis
Brock University - Women's Team (Canada)
University of Calgary - Women's Team (Canada)

Women/Girls Wreslting Web Sites in Oregon

Sammi's Wreslting & Judo Page

State Women's Wrestling Home Pages

Califronia Girls Womens Wreslting
Illinois Girls Wrestling Page
Alaska Women's Wrestling
Massachusetts Women's Wrestling
Nebraska Women's Wrestling
Illinois Girls Wrestling Page

Other Womens/Girls Wrestling Pages

Joey’s Wrestling Room
Liz Kacianski's wrestling page
Danielle Hobeika’s Homepage
Malissa Sherwood
Samantha Branka - UMM
Chandi's Wrestling Page
Jamie Eastham's Home Page
Megan Andrew's Home Page
Andee Sears
17 Year old Girl Wrestler
Lindsay's Wrestling Room Canadian Girl Wreslter
Callie's Page
Callie's New Page
Sarah Tolin's Home Page
Shannon Williams
Women’s Freestyle Page
Female High School Wrestlers Home Page
A wrestling Club
Women's Wrestling Events
USGWA Web Site
The Mat, Womens Wrestling
Teresa Gordan-Dick
AAU Wrestling

International Women's Wrestling Pages

German Wrestling Site
Japan Wrestling Site
Stephanie Gross German National Team (In English)
Stephanie Gross German National Team (In German)
Joanne's Wrestling Page (Canada)
Christine Nordhagen (Canada)
Women's World Championships Boden Sweeden
Japanese Female Wrestling Federation
German Wrestling Page (in German)
Nicola Hartmann Austrian Woman Wrestler