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JJ's Site

Welcom to my site! This is the place for all of my stuff, like my custom action figures and the music by my "band". Enjoy!



...4, 5, 6,...7?! JEEZ! I think its high time for an update. Well, I added a Tape section, for trading. Email me with what you got and what you want. I have LOTS of wrestling tapes. I even have the Loved One, by Mick Foley! It's awesome! I also added some DBZ customs. 4-3-01

JEEZ! Its been over two months since my last update! Well, no new Dragon Ball Z customs, but there are four new XPW customs, and one new WWF custom. Check them out. Later. 1-24-01

Hey everyone!!! Well on this update I don't have any pics to add, but i have been doing a lot of work in the Dragon Ball Z field. I am currently making the three members of the Ginu Force that have not been put to plastic in the Irwin line. So far i have made Captin Ginu and Racoome. I plan to make Dodoria VERY soon. Then I just need to find the figures of Jeece and Burter! Well thats about it, so later!


Hello everyone. I have had an update!!! My Ash is UP! I haven't started the Army of Darkness Ash, but I have Evil Dead 2 Ash (it's the same as the Ash at the beginning of AOD). It is VERY cool. Check it out. I also added a new Dragon Ball Z section and I have a few pictures of Perfect Cell and Android #16 on it. Last, I added a Willy DuWitte figure to the Bucky O'Hare section! Well, until my next update, which will have some really cool stuff in it, later! 1-2-01

HAPPY NEWYEAR EVERYONE!!! Big News, in a few days, I will post my new Ash figure from Army of Darkness. This will be the greatest action figure that I have ever created, so look forward to it. I am spending a LOT of time, and it looks totally cool, even though its not done. I have decided to complete a few Metal Gear Solid Customs that I started, and I think that I shall start customizing a few Dragon Ball Z figures. They will be the models, with the 14 points of articulation, because I will not make a figure with fewer than 4 points. Well, the next update will have Ash, so until then, later.

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PHW: Psychotic Hardcore Wrestling