ok, like i've said before, i've really been working hard on re-doing da site's graphix and stuff! and well i did! i totally re-made da FUN STUFF page! now da FUN STUFF page has tons of fun stuff on it! like TALKING TO ROULABOT, FINDING ABOUT YOUR FUTURE, HANGMAN, and A WHOLE LOT MORE!!! whoo! so I SWEAR, you've really really gotta check out da FUN STUFF PAGE! its filled with awesome NEW STUFF! i'd been on da comp all day searching for these javascript codes, and i hope ya'll guyz enjoy 'em! and soon there will be NEW GRAPHIX for all to use! so for not, bare with me and check out da FUN STUFF page cause its one aawwweesome page!

hey hey! :D like da new layout? it feautures sakura from cardcaptors (of coarse) as a magical fairy!!! its so delicate and pretty! i love it! this layout was made from my friend Roula and you should check out her site too! its amazing! well as i've said yesterday, i promised da site a whole new batch of HQ (high quality) graphix, but of coarse there's NO WAY i could've made all those graphix and layouts just in one day! so plz be patient, but i'm not being lazy! i AM working on a whole new batch of graphix for da site! you'll get to see them soon! also, i'm working really really haard on those graphix, so i'd be a lil more STRICT about da graphix then before! so i'll be setting up a GRAPHIX RULES PAGE soon and you'll have to read da rules before using any of our graphix to make sure no one steals some of my hard worked graphix! well all of dat will be coming SOOOOOOONNNNN so keep checking back to find more and more good stuff! have to sleep now! bi!

Wuts shakin everyone? i know i know...i've updated da webbie in TWO WHOLE MONTHS!!!! *faints to da ground* and i'm real sorry....really. its just that i was caught up in something else and there were just so much stuff to do! aghh..well i'm back now! and i've just changed da layout A BIT...when i have more time, i'll give da webbie A WHOLE KNEW LOOK...soon *hehee*! and well i've noticed dat most of da graphix on da webbie are sorta...um..dead. ok they are dead! so i've decided to use my summer vacation time to put it to worth while causes like....MAKING ALL NEW GRAPHIX FOR DA WEBBIE!!!! WHOOOO!!!! ALL NEW GRAPHIX! so watch out for dat REAL REAL REAL REAL SOON!!!!!! S-O-O-N!!!! ;) Well da nova scotia trip dat our skewl went on was TOTALLY TOTALLY AWWWWEEEEESOOOMMMMMMEEEE! it was da BEST! i'll NEVER EVER FORGET IT!!!! it was one of da best trips of my life! i wished i could go back in time and stay in nova scotia longer....:( and da gr. 8's had graduated *tears** and our principle mr iron is retiring so we're gettin a new principle next year... booohooo! so many good buys! *more tearz*** okok enof crying~! well i'm gonna mist da grade 8's...especially U KNOW WHO *hint hint*! lolx nope its not voldemart...or wuteva his name is! i'll be making some GUD QUALITY *not like da crappyness so called ones that i've made earlier* GUILD LAYOUTS, WEBBIE LAYOUTS, USERLOOKUPS BLINKIES AVATARS, CURSORS, ENTER SIGNS, HIATUS SIGNS AND MUSH MUSH MORE!!!! da webbie will be like a whole new site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah yeah yeah!!!! *does a lil dance* but plz be patient wif me until all dat is done and come bak everyday if ya like! and i'd soon be putting A WHOLE KNEW LAYOUT ON da guild! yes a whole new "look"! i can't wait! dats all for now...signing off!

HEEY! Sory *AGAIN* for not updating...but ever since school started, i found that i really don't have much time to work on the webbie! but don't worry, no matter what, i won't try to close down the site! promise! but for a while there won't be much on it! but it wont hurt to check back once a while to see if i did add something new! LOL..to make up for not updating much, i put a new layout on! hope ya like it!!!:D e-mail me if you need assistance or if u have suggestions! Oh and TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! yea! i'm turning 13! yum...ice cream cake!!!! (my e-mail is: skateboard_princess52@hotmail.com)and just yesterday, we had our so called "spring dance" at our school and i have to tell you something, it sucked like hell! the music sucked the djs were crappy the light wasn't low enof, the room was so hott and sweaty! and my "dream guy" didn't ask me for a dance :( oh well......life's like this! g2g now, bye!

HI!!!! i'm sosososososos sorry!!! i'm so guilty for not updating the site for what? THREE WHOLE MONTHS!!! i'm so sorrry! i had A LOT of homework and i'm going to have my rudiments 2 exam soon so yeah, i really couldn't come on alot, and i was working on my guild a lot...more than this site (i'm so guilty!) plz forgive me!!!! Oh, and i'm really sorry to tell you this too, i had to delete the userlookups and dolls page because some people where abusing it and not giving the site credit for the userlookups that they used so i just had to delete it, i'm so sorry! i MIGHT consider to make some new userlookups but i'd have to make sure that this time nobody will abuse it! and i'll see if i have time! but i did put a new and updated page about ME with PHOTOS too! now you can see how ugly i look and learn a lil more about moi! lolx! kk! g2g cya!

HEYA! omg! chinese new years is tomorro!!! yes!!! lolx, but we still have school..damn! anywayz, i'll be adding more pages to the site soon and maybe take out some old graphics and throw in a couple of new ones! MAYBE...since there is school, homework, friends....so much stuff! my life dosen't revolve around this site, but don't get me wrong, i love this site and LOVE to provide free graphics and layouts and stuff for you guys, but seriously, i need some time for my other stuff too! i'm a teen that has a life! :O hehee i'll try to upload my new dolls and blinkies that i have made like a long time ago but just didn't have the time to upload them! and im thinking of putting a Wall Of Shame up or maybe a Song Lyrics page OR a page of past layouts where you could see all the pretty layouts that were once used on this pretty site ;D e-mail me and gimme ur opinion! ttyl!

i feel so bad and ashamed for not updating sooner! the past two weeks or so i have been pretty busy! but just to keep ya updated, i won't be able to update the website or add new stuff to it anytime soon, cause i seriously am SUPER-BUSY w/homework and other stuff...i mean i've gotta have a life rite? so hope ya understand! i'll try to update at least once a week...but i cant make any promises! but keep chekin bak cause im working on some new pages and graphics! by teh way, chinese new years is almost here!! omg, so much food and red envelopes! :D ttyl!

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! It's actually 12:40 AM rite now! lolx...so its like 40 min. past mid-nite...hope everyone had a good new years eve and an even betta new year! wow, cant believe 2003 passed so quickly! lets hope 2004 will bring us more joy and happiness....and i wus wondering..should i put a new layout for the new years???

lolx, today i just made TWO userlookups lolx! yupyup! finally there's a userlook-up and dolls page! but rite now there's only two userlook ups on it....i didn't get to make any new dolls yet....but i will soon..so check out the new userlook ups page! anyhow, also i added a Sister Site to my navigations! the website is on Inuyasha by one of my good friends, Ashley! so check it out! latz

MERRY CHRISTMAS! so sorry i couldn't update on x-mas day! i wus at muh aunts house for christmas and we were like busy preparing christmas dinner and stuff...so...anywayz, today wus boxing day!!!! hope you all got a good time to shop till you drop! got any good presents? lolx, im still dazed! but dont forget new years is cummin fast! well, tats all for now! love ya!

LOLX! since skewl let out, i've been on teh comp 24/7! jus jokin! but almos! so for teh next week or so, i mite be updating teh site lik crazy! so dont be suprised or shock! and check bak more often! and as you notice, at the bottom of the page, i jus added our website button! the code is on the bottom too, so if you want to link us bak, you can jus copy&paste the code onto ur own webbie! ENJOY!!!

Hehee! like the BRAND NEW MAKE-OVER of the website? lolx! as you notice, i jus totally gav the site a makeoever! a new, ccs sakura layout! liki it? it took a lot of work, but its worth it, eh? anyhow, today was the chrismas dance! it wus pretty kewl but they had some technical difficulties wit the music system in teh middle which really sucked! but the good news is that there wont be skewl for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!!! Christmas, here i COOMMMMMEE!!!

Christmas is almost hereee!!!!! YEAH! Skewl letz out tomorrow! two weekz free from homework and torture! lolx! cant wait! so many presentz! lolx, i sound greedy 'eh? christmas dance and awardz assembly is tomorrow too! omg! so many thingz happenening! and sry i didn't update earlier, i was realy realy busy! we had two tests today! history and science! talk about studying! update lata! ciao!

WAZZUP? lolx! it wus getting panicky and stuff since it wus near report card time! but i did OK on my report card..not too bad and not too good! I just made a whole bunch of new blinkies and dolls and other graphicz...but the problem is that i dun have space to put them on! Well.....i'll find some space SOMEWHERE....be patient my friendz! OOh..x-mas is almost here!!!! Tat's all! Latz!

IM SOOOOOO SORY!!!! i noe i haven't updated in lik a whole month..there's just too too too much homework! aghh....teacher's like torturing us 'eh? lolx, also it's almost report card time.....lots of tests and stuff...too much pressure!!! im here dreaming of summer...ah....oh yea, did i tell you that our school is going on a trip to Nova Scotia this June? Isn't tat coolie? OMG! Can't wait till June! Nova Scotia, here i come!

OMG! i dunt know wuts wrong wit my comp! the picture of the eyeshadown thingy i put as the layout pic yesterday wont show up! well, instead now, i put a pic of.....CAREBEARS! they're cute and cuddly! lets hope the pic wil show up until i can get a new layout! well, e-mail me if the pic dosent show or if the website is doing something funny....well, g2g! ttyl!

Well, peeps...here's a quick update! i put up a new pic 4 the layout instead, since i don't have time to get a new layout, i just quickly found an interestin pic and just put that on the layout instead! i noe, its kinda weird to have a pic of some eyeshadow as a layout, but i think it's quite pretty and kind of original! anyway, hope ya like it! im gonna change the layout hopefully on this weekend....but probably not..since my cousin is getting married this saturday!! YEAH! so, i dont think ill have time this week...maybe next week, then! keep sending in those layout requests! l8ter!

HEY GUYS! Well...yea, i know i know! The layout dosen't show! I'll fix it as soon as possible! I dont know what went wrong! So, plz be patient! I'll fix it SOON! PROMISE! So, i guess you'll have to stick wit it 4 now! Well, g2g! BUH-BI!

yo, wusup gals? i hav a MAJOR health test 2morrow!!! must study! n e way, i cant stay long...i havta sleep! well, you probly noticed i havent added any new things to the webbie....so i might put some more new stuff on it these days! like sum games, new layouts, and otha fun stuff!!! how 'bout tat? but for the game part, i mit havta close the site 4 a while...since games are hard to load and stuff....so i mit havta put it under contructon! well, mail me if you hav n e suggestions! im talkin too much....i g2g! lata!

sup peeps? well here im FINALLY updating! lolz....i have a pile of h/w in front me!!! im neva gonna finish! i hav an english assignment due on monday, and a history test 2 study for too!!! i wus planning on updating my guild at neopets, but it wus down for maintenance:( so...i decided to update my website instead! well, the Trick-Or-Dance is cumming up for our skool! this is so kewl! oh, and should i add sum more new stuff to the website? lik....sum games or a celeb's file or sumthing? if you think i should, e-mail me! (skateboard_princess52@hotmail.com) lata, dudes!

the halloween dance is cumming up!!!! omg! but we're also getting our Hepetitis B shots that day..:( well, hope you like the new layout! i think it's pretty cute...i was thinking about putting a Britney Spears or Hilary Duff or Avril Lavigne layout on next month! maybe we can hav a Celebrity Layout month next month! lolz...that'll be cool instead of always sticking to anime layouts! well, tat's all for now! oh, by the way, if i dont update as often or change the layout..please 4give me! i hav tons of school work to do, so im pretty lucky to hav even hav time to change the layout! srry! Luv ya!

omg! i actually got a pretty good mark on my history test!!! yea! i was trying to add some wallpapers to the site..but my computer was acting a lil weird..my wallpaper on my own desktop disappeared...and then my computer froze...so, i guess, no wallpaper for now! srry! but im workin on it! keep checkin back! now, im deciding what layout should i put for this month! hum...if you have any suggestions.....e-mail me!

hey! sup? school is lik taking ova my life! we have a history test, math test, and french test!!! plus, we have a science project due!!! how am i eva going to finish! *sorry, for complaining! hope ur school year started out betta then mine! *muah**<-^_~->

Sorry guys! i know i didn't updated for ages! everything was so busy and stuff! well, hope you like the new layout! it's made by julianne.virtue.nu, thanx! so, e-mail me if you need anything! and please don't kill me if i don't update as often! there's jus too much goin on! well, gotta go! cya! <-^_~->

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