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update: PHOTOS!


This site will have to do for now :/. I can't be bothered uploading to my proper isp provided webspace.

Here I will post the story and screenshots of my game.

I've just decided that a series is the way to go, they will all be titled undead nazi pirates of the kungfoorabean. However they will have series titles as well, I've decided to call this one Flaming monkey stick, the second will be the time travel episode entitled Satan's Fokker Machine, which i may may a sequel called return to castle Satan's fokker machine, and if you're lucky it will be in 3d, but that would take some work so id rather just change stuff on an engine i already have., and the third will be something I haven't decided yet, but it will be called Death truck of justice. Which seems to insinuate some sort of truck of death justice, but as I said its undecided what it will be about. Maybe I will throw in some transformers for good measure.

STORY SO FAR: Flaming monkey stick

"is about this messed up dream I had where I was with my girlfriend walking the dog through a shopping center after hours, and it was where all these kids hung out throwing firecrackers around, then we snuk behind some barrels and they kids turned cult like and executed this guy, then we ran and told the cops but they didn't believe us and a few days later they took us prisoner (the kids) then I rescued my girlfriend from the prison cells cause I hid a knife in my underwear, and then me and the other prisoners got swords from out of no where and fought the cult medieval style"


screens have been shrunk for the benefit of modemers. (get cable :P)

screen 1:

this is the first screen when i was testing out the map system zen gave me


this one was taken when i made a new floor tile aswell as some raised ones



This is the one when i tested out the tile engine in 800*600. i wont shrink it cause the textures look so good :) sorry 56k modem people. 

ok new update, got a model of a pirate done. though im a bit worried about the scale, will have to sort out later.

i also made one with a shirt, the sprites were taken from UO and edited by me.

anyone has legal copyright issues bite  me . its all free anyway.

I'm thinking of making the game a series, each being  a dream, the second one I make will use this model and will actually be about undead nazi pirates in a place called the kungfoorabean. And further ones on that may be time traveling undead nazi pirates of the kungfoorabean, so expect the series to travel thru era's whilst maintaining its abstract humor.