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Personal Development Products



Paraliminal - mixture of hypnosis and subliminal. Very powerful.
Hypnosis Downloads
Custom Hypnosis MP3 - very cheap!
Hypnosis MP3s
Selfhealing.com - Motivational Hypnosis CDs only $19.95!
Past Life Regression Hypnosis
Hypnotherapy excellent hypnosis recordings.
Diviniti - Uk's best selling self-help tapes. Extremley high quality for a low price.
Wendi's Hypnosis CDs - very professionally produced. Recommended!
Rapid Transformations - FREE hypnosis CDs
Better Living Hypnosis - MP3s instantly downloadable!
International Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis
Covert Hypnosis: An Operator''s Manual
Hypnosis and Conscious States; The Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective
Handbook Hypnosis Psychosom
Creative Mastery in Hypnosis and Hypnoanalysis
Clinical Hypnosis: Principles And Applications
Hypnosis And Stress
Hypnosis Network Enjoying Weight Loss, 4-CD Set
Hypnosis Home Study Course


Paraliminal - mixture of hypnosis and subliminal. Very powerful.
Create your own subliminals
Human Potential Technology - hypnosis MP3's and CD's! Plus:
'The Subliminal Master' the ultimate in subliminal messaging software in UK.
Subliminal.com - subliminal messaging on your computer in the UK.
Think Right Now for Windows.


Wealth Beyond Reason - use the laws of physics to attract wealth & abundance into your life.
Lucid Dreaming - Wake up in your dreams, control them and do anything you want.
Sedona Method - Release negativity & emotions on the spot! FREE Tape
The Release Technique - Release negativity to achieve financial abundance.
Effortless Success - course that probed the mind of Billionaire Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul author).
Effort Free Life - course that teaches you hopw to achieve all your goals.
Higher Awareness - personal development programs. Ideal for the beginner.
Holosync - 21st Century technology for personal growth.
Holistic Harmony Network - manual, workbook & email course to create health, harmony and happiness as well as growth.


Photo Reading - blast through material 3 times faster than speed-reading. Yes it does work!
Genius Code - develop superior mental powers similar to those from the greatest minds of mankind!
Memory Improvement Techniques - many different proven methods to dramatically improve your memory.


Brian Tracy Home Page - Free CD & mp3s.
Think Right Now! - aduio programs that create change fast.
Listen to any book FREE at Audible


Affirware computer software - sculptor3 software to reach your goals.
The Journey to Wild Divine - computer game teaches you to control your thoughts and emotions.
Rapid Transformations - hypnosis Video CD, Hypnotic Language Book, Self Hypnosis Book.
Unbelievable value for money. We were very impressed.
Subliminal.com - subliminal messaging software from the UK.
Very similar to Think Right Now for Windows.


Self help e-books
Self Improvement - 101 experts in self help.
Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can... UK
Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can... US
Think & Grow Rich e-book - Napoleon Hill's famous book FREE

Prefer a hard copy edition? Click the appropriate link below.

Think & Grow Rich - US version from $1.88
Think & Grow Rich - UK Version from only 2.00
Beat Depression - the natural way.
Success - its all in the mind.
Reflexology - rejuvenate the body through pressure points.
Quit Smoking Now! - without patches, pills or gums, and without gaining any extra weight - guaranteed.
Mind Programming - a simple, natural, equipment-free system that works.
World of Alternatives - psychic development, self hypnosis & sound therapy downloads.
Gentle Touch - natural method to remove aches and pains.
The Science of an Abudant Life - step-by-step system for getting rich, being healthy, & becoming successful!
Starfields - energy work for self change.
The Masters Course - self empowerment program based on Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis techniques.
Borderline Personality Disorder - Self-Help Software, books and Phone/On-Line Counseling.
Reki - learn Reiki energy healing for personal growth, health, and well-being.
Personal Power Course - use your own subconscious energies for health, prosperity and personal achievement.
Find Happiness - the 9 habits of maximum happiness, as well as The Get Happy Workbook.
52 Mind Power Secrets - great cheap e-book on developing your ability to control your thoughts and thus your life.
Money Making Secrets of Mind Power Masters - Overly sensationalistic title but it has some really great personal growth techniques in it.
AMP - very short e-book but very effective. If you don't agree then just send it back for a refund!
Only Good Business - Spirituality - the single, most important secret to success.
How to Create Your Own Reality - Heal emotional pain as you learn the secrets of reality creation.
Biblical Wealth Building - understand What God Says About Money, Wealth And Possessions In 7 Spiritual Steps.
Take charge of your Destiny - articles, free ezine, books.
Empathology A Journey To Self - introduces a major advancement in bringing healing & happiness into your Life.
Creative Mind Power - discover ways to release the Creative Inner Forces of your Mind.
Create your own reality easily! holographic creation that goes beyond visualization.
Picture This! - a simple and inspirational e-course which will show you how to enhance any area of your life.
Spheres of Influence - Increase your potential for success. Expand your personal sphere of influence.
Three Steps Back - Spiritual Awareness for the Western Mind.
Come Back to Life - 100 no-nonsense spiritual insights for when you're not as alive as you'd like to be.
Live in a World Without Problems - e-book for dissolving problems. Works for 98% of population & has a 60 day money-back guarantee.
The Master Key - Originally a course now in book format. This is better than 'Think & Grow Rich'! The site is poor and doesn't tell you how much it costs to get the books until you pay. Don't let this put you off. The price is $29.32 for access to 7 books.


M!ndPerk - Suppliers of top class
personal development products at very low prices.
Transformative Press - publisher of self-help books based in sound spiritual principles to improve prosperity and quality of life.
Holistic Harmony Network - supplier of personal growth e-books.

We have found Amazon to be a very good source for personal growth books and tapes.

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