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Library of Moria
The LOTR slash archive. Wonderfully comprehensive.

Henneth Annn
LOTR fiction archive for het, slash and gen alike. Its only bad is that it doesn't offer a way to search by pairing.

Sons of the Steward
A Boromir/Faramir website; walking its first steps still, but great nonetheless.

omer slash archive
Website dedicated to omer slash fanart, fanfics and other quality material.

Sibling: a brother's love
Website pertaining to LOTR sibcest. Charming layout, fanfiction, art.

Sweet Sorcery
This website houses Deanna's work. Some of it is featured on the fiction session of this site, but not all of it, and it really is worth reading.

Your Cruise Director's love boat
Website that houses fiction by YCD and other authors, as well as fanart, pertaining to many fandoms including LOTR.

Cinzia's Web
Cinzia's website for her own fanfiction. FPS, RPS, LOTR and other fandoms.

Kame's place to house her fanfiction and artwork.

The Theban Band website
These guys work with pictures and photomanip of many a fandom, including LOTR. Their work is absolutely gorgeous.

Forth Eorlingas!
It's a beautiful and very comprehensive omer fansite, with info on the character, Karl Urban, quotes, fanfiction, fanart, multimedia, fanlisting and so much more.

Walkin' in a Wenham Wonderland
I personally adore this site. It's Wenham-centred and offers tons of material, including the most adorable wallpapers I've ever seen and the chance to hear Wenham and Bean laughing together.