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Our Story Begins.....

Friday morning, my best friend, Nikki, and her husband, T.C. woke up around 8 or 9. I had slept on her fouton in the den was tired.

We did the usual tying the loose ends up, and got on the road a little after 2.

That was Friday.

~The Nightbird Cape Fiasco (Stevie's Birthday)~

Saturday started out laid back, we had breakfast at Village Inn. It was Stevie's Birthday and they were playing "Dreams" on the radio in the restaurant: this was the best day ever! We did some sight seeing and mini putting. I have family in Albuquerque and have been there a lot. Barbara, (of the Enchanted Mirror) had two-dayed my package, containing my Nightbird cape, to my aunts house. I remembered her telling me something about 3:00pm. We left the mini-putt place, and head off to my aunts house to pick up the package. They weren't home, but had left the door open for me to get inside. I was sure the package was coming UPS, so we sat in the house waiting for a truck or something to show up. Nothing did. Disapointed, I wrote my family a note on a paper plate and left.

On the way back to the Motel 6, I'm upset. I'm a little mad. Where is my package? WHAT HAS HAPPENED? I had emailed Barbara and asked for the tracking number.The email is quickly returned, as I check it on my cell phone. We go to Boston Market for dinner. "Don't tell me it's not there" she wrote. "Email me back and I will give you the tracking number." So I do like I'm told, not before being asked to give up the phone (which is stressing me out) by Nikki. She places it in her bra, and tells me to eat, and she'll give it back.

All the while, I'm deciding to live without the cape.

LIKE AN IDIOT....I call the UPS store once my phone is returned. They're closed, I have a melt down!!!! Then I realize it is not UPS when I'm on the phone with my little cousin, Olivia. It is USPS (United States Postal Service) it's well past five, the post office is closed.

I'm even more upset.

Once back in the hotel room, I sit on the sink counter, and email Barbara back, telling her I don't know what to do. She tells me "But you MUST have your cape for the concert!" and I'm just so torn up. I get up and decided, you know what would make me feel better, putting on my outfit!!!! I run to the bathroom, dress up, and am immediatly greeted with "Pretty Moni!" by my loving sister. I was still sad. She looked at me and said "we could I don't know....we can go to walmart, and pick out fabric you like, and I can sew something by hand!!!!" I love my Nikki, very much.

Just as we are about to leave for Wal Mart, I get a call from my cousin Olivia, "Moni, I didn't see any mail men or UPS or FedEx or nuthing!" and just when all hope is lost, and all the light has gone out of the tunnel, she says "It's in here!" It was shoved in their tiny col-de-sac mail box!!!! I said, "okay, I'll be there in a minute". I proceed to jump up and down screaming "It's here, it's here, it's here!!!" I call my friend Jennifer, "JEN I GOT IT!!!"

She is equally as happy!!!!!

I quickly email Barbara, "It's here, pics soon!!!"

And T.C. and Nikki wisk me off to my aunts, where I opened it up on her front lawn, with my cousins that live in Las Cruces with me, and my cousins from Albuquerque, and my aunt, all watching me!!! It was sooo great. Barbara did a FANTABULOUS JOB!!!

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~The Day of the Concert!~

Sunday morning, we wake up to the sound of T.C.'s phone going off, and decide yeah, let's get up.

Here it was the day I had been waiting for, and after a Dunkin Donuts breakfast, we go back to room, where at Noon (the concert is at 7:30) I start putting on my make up for the night.

The night before, I had hung up all my Stevie gear, the fabulous Nightbird cape hanging in front in all it's red sparkling glory. It left trails of red glitter EVERYWHERE but I just didn't care!!

My hair had been air drying, so when I brushed it out, my hair was "WILD HEART" hair!!!!! I still decided to straighten it, and go with Stevie's new look, since my costume suggested that. After trying to take a pic with camera, it falls, hitting the sink. The camera is fine.

I put in my wing earings, and get dressed about 4:00. This is perfect!!! We decide to hang out a while, I have a few wardrobe malfunctions that are quickly taken care of. By then it's 4:30 and we leave.

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We head to the "Fuddruckers" we know is close to the Pavillion, and I order a light meal. I am getting stares and whispers. A woman in line informs me that she has her dress in her truck, and will change at the venue. A few more girls show up, one is wearing an off the shoulder, eighties style black lace dress. BIG HAIR. I'm not alone!!!!

We leave the restaurant, I get out my camera to take a twirl pic, the LCD SCREEN IS BUSTED!!!!!

All the way there I debate the use of my camera. I won't be able to see what kind of picture I'm taking. I leave it in the car. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!

Luckily, Nikki was once again to the rescue, using her Motorazor phone!!! I'm happy, but a little upset!!!


I am in L-O-V-E with Chris Isaak. (Because he has the same name as my dad and bro, he will from here on be reffered to as "Angel Buns" Isaak: yes Jen, his ass was priceless!!!!!)

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Chris was on for a good hour and a half. He started singing a Spanish song, and ran up to the grass to shake hands, in maroon suit with sparkly siliver stars (I LOVE ROCKABILLY BOYS!)

He said "if we want to make it here, we have to sing in spanish!" and if you've ever heard mexican music, you'd have to imagine chris isaak bending his knees to the beat of "Los Tigres Del Norte"!

He was very funny: during "Bad Thing" song he sings, he was making trailer jokes about finding your signifigant other cheating on you with his bass player!!!!! Then he started making "femine" orgrasmic sounds, to which I screamed out "MARRY MEEE!!"

He sang "only the lonely", which was a song my best friend's grand father sang to her before he passed, and she was almost crying and "somebody's crying" which is my SONG!!!!

I was almost sad to see him go!!! UNTIL!!!!

Stevie came out for "Stand Back" wearing her coat, a scarf, and pants. It was very cold, and my new nightbird cape kept me warm. *I love you BARBIE!*

Mama looked good. HOT even.

She said, "thanks for coming, we're here to promote a CD I put out called "cris-cr-christian visions....OH MY GOD it's CHRISTIAN VISIONS! Crystal Visions....Let's ROCK" she said, and went right into "Dreams". "If Anyone Falls" gave me chills. It's the first solo song I fell in love with!!! During "How Still My Love" she belted out " or should I say hold still...HOLD my love" It was hot!!!!

Then they started to take the stairs off the stage and she said "are they taking the stairs? Is it over?! First it was Christian visions, and now their taking our stairway to heaven!!!"

"Gold Dust Woman" was a treat. She came out in not the "gold dust woman" cape, but a little scalloped shawl, which I LOVED and will make!!!!

while singing "BABY BABY BABY" she brought the place down!!!!!

when she introduced the band, and when said "LORI NICKS" I started screaming "LOOORIII!"

I even screamed for Sharon. Who looks nothing like she did anymore. YIKES.

She was also all OOOOVER WADDY!!!!!!!!

"Landslide" was particularly heartbreaking, as every picture (just about) had Jess in them. I was tearing up, thinking about my own daddy. holding Nikki's arm.

"Edge" was sooooo sick!!!!!! I was dancing hard, if there hadn't been someone in close proximity to me, I would have been kicking my legs up in the air!!!!!!

People started to leave during "Rock and Roll" in which Mama's hat fell off!!! She was laughed at by her new pianist (who rocks) and put it back on. When she went to take a bow, she held onto it tight!!!

And of course, "Beauty and the Beast" was beautiful. Nikki and I sat, hugging, almost in tears.

Mama was not stupid. It was sooo cold so she kept her jacket and gloves on. She looked so freaking beautiful, and she sounded beautiful. And I just could not have had a better time.

~much love~

Gold Dust Gypsy