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Lord of the Rings - my Gandalf slash fiction and art

Hi! Welcome to my Gandalf fiction and art page! Since you are here, chances are good that you know a little or a lot about Gandalf, fanfiction, fanart, and slash. In case you don't, I strongly advise you to read through this warning before continuing.

This page features graphic written and drawn erotica! It's all Gandalf-centered, and most of it is homoerotic, i.e. "slash", so if you are not comfortable with this, turn back now. You have been warned. If you like, please continue and don't hesitate dropping me a line or two! *smiles*

Disclaimer: I do not own Gandalf or the other characters portrayed in these pictures or stories. They all belong to the Tolkien enterprise, and I am using them without permission. I'm not making any money, so please don't sue. The drawings and stories, however, are the sole property of me, so don't post them anywhere without my permission.
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Page updated on 2/1-2004

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