Gallery 9 - Not in the movie

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From DVD

Official Collector's Edition Movie Postcard

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Harry Potter News

(Published in The Sunday Times )
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It's strange to see that in Japanese, they kept the real names and that, in French for example, some of the name were dramatically changed!! Severus Snape is Severus Rogue in French!  

H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!! Sorry, I had to say it!
 It's soooo unsnape-like!  It doesn't sound smooth as Severus Snape, and forget about the "snape-snake" similarity here!!  

Also, Rogue has not exactly the same meaning: 
French:  arrogant or despiteful person
English: a tricky or dishonest person; rascal; a mischievous person. 
The meaning in French is good, but don't count on the English one though!  

Production scene with Snape!  This is from a cute Alan Rickman site!  Click and then, scroll down the page to see it! Take a look at some Dogma images while you're at it!


Il Sotterraneo di Piton

Other official production images

(Published in Vanity Fair)

(Published from AOL)

(From Times Magazine)