Gallery 7 - Up to something?

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"Well, well!  
What are they comploting about? 
Hogwarts has had enough for a century with the Marauders, 
why it is that History repeats itself?" 

"Hello fellow students!"  "Want to hear how I expelled a student once?"

(For Harry Potter haters: a special ugly snapshot!)

"The cheek he has! Can't deny his origins, can he?"


"Potter! I wonder how I can even support standing next to you!"  "Oh, Miss Granger! Is that so?" "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am under the impression that you are utterly lying to my face!" "Tell me: are you always this eloquent? Usually, you do not blabber when defending your thoughts" "Not that I blame you for it.  Being Potter's pet must be quite hard on the brain, isn't it?


"Now really, if you keep playing dumb like this in the corridor, people will think that you're up to something!"

"Oh no! They are! And if Potter is anything like his father, the result is not gonna be pretty!"

"That's it Potter, look me in the eyes and don't forget that I'll be on the watch for you too!"

"You too! Don't put your nose into other people's affairs, or you'll regret it I promise!"

(He is up to something, but not what the right person!!)

Can you hear the "Imperial March"?
Bet you StarWars Episode I would have been great with 
Rickman instead of Darth Maul!! 


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