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Since my website's first goal is a deeper analysis of the Snape character,
Sometimes, I've shared my own views of 
what's must be going on in Snape's head when the shots occured in the movie!
If you have other plausible alternatives, please feel free to share them with me! 

(And although parodies are fun, this is not my purpose here, sorry!
So, please, nothing going on like: "My! That has got to be it. Quirrell is gay!!" 
or something else totally out of context! )

Just click on the thumbnail to see the full-size pictures! 
Enjoy, but don't steal without asking!

Very first view of Snape

"Damn Potter boy!  Humm?  Something's wrong with Potter... and Quirrell!"

(thinking process)

(taking a better view of what's wrong with Quirrell)

"Better keep him in check for a while..."

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