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Gallery 6 - Night stroll

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Enjoy, but don't steal without asking!


"How nice of you to walk around Hogwarts at night to ensure the stone is well secured!  
It may fool some people, but I'm certainly not one of them.  
I've seen through your little scheme the minute I saw your 
incredibly revigorated person next to the forbidden door 
even though you had just fainted in the Great Hall!  How pathetic!
And though I hate Potter myself, 
I shall be damned before I allow anybody to harm him."

"What the...?  It feels like... someone's near!  Humm... 
Nothing? I could have sworn there was..."

"Now back to you, petty excuse for a teacher!  
Do you know why we'll have another meeting like this?  
Because I'll be watching your every move from now on!" 

(Funny face!)

"That was close!  But why is Flinch here with this... lantern!  Shit!  There was someone here! I knew it!

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