~*~May 21, 2010~*~
I updated the entrance page. I also added a stop motion section under videos. More work will be added soon.

~*~April 3, 2010~*~
My yearly update: Added some Maya work to the Digital Art section. I'll try to update more often, but I can't promise anything.

~*~March 28, 2009~*~
In process of fixing Fixed the wording of a link I did not like on all the art pages. Also, for those you don't know, there is a blog in the Me section that I update quite a bit. If you're bored you can read it. The layout kind of sucks for it, but when I fix it that will be another update.

~*~February 13, 2009~*~
I fixed an error that was on the art pages with the links.

~*~December 8, 2008~*~
Art pages complete.

~*~December 7, 2008~*~
Flash Layout complete. Adding content.

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