~*~September 8, 2009~*~
Mood: Lazy

I'm still a bum, not very surprising is it? At least I'm doing my homework for school before the last minute, well bits at a time. Taking things slow for now.
Speaking of school, it's my second week of this semester. Geesh, my third year, time sure flies. Things are going well. I have yet to have my Korean class, since it's on Mondays and I haven't been to school on a Monday yet. Hopefully it will be ok. My math class is a normal math class, problems/proofs and tests, so that should go ok. 3D modeling is going better than expected. I'm actually liking Maya. Which is a good thing lol. I just wish I knew when the labs were open so I could work on my homework...somebody put the hours up already! I'm going to check tomorrow for lab hours, and if theer are none....well one homework assignment shouldn't be too much off my grade. Sound Design seems like it will be the most trouble for me. Sound...ehh...not for me. I already have a writing assignment...ick. But it's one page, I'll live. Tutoring is going well. Once and a while I have no clue what I'm saying. It's like the students expect you to just know everything instantly by looking at the problem they are having trouble with. I have to back up and work through it to see if they did it alright, glancing doesn't work for me. No one came to my lab session today. It's good homework time, but it feels like I'm getting paid for nothing...I guess I shouldn't be complaining though.
I write a lot at once in these things, don't I? I really have to organize this better. I wanted so bad to do the mini comic blog idea. I have to work on that and stop being lazy. I need someone to kick me every time I get into my lazy mode. Maybe that will help.
I have to come up with my capstone idea as well, I have no clue what to do. An animation....narrative of some sort...with dancing lol. Something like that. I gotta draw more too. Gotta keep doing stuff. Stupid laziness, stupid laziness...go away!




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