~*~August 29, 2009~*~
Mood: Tired/lazy

Well, you'd think I'd blog more during summer vacation...apparently not. Guess I really am quite lazy. I mean I haven't blogged or even done anything with my site like I wanted to. Oh well.
I had a great internship this summer at least. I was awesome being able to work on a 2D animation. The premiere is in October I can't wait! It was a lot of work but it's going to look awesome. So many drawings and clean ups and colorings...sigh. I kind of wish I was still working on it. Now that I'm not, I've been very lazy.
I have to type up 4 essays on my internship for my internship class lol. I'm kind of no where with it. It's due Wednesday...I have to at least do some more work on them much to do that I don't want to.
I'm now a math tutor at my college. Well, a embedded math tutor. I have a meeting with the professor I am working with on Tuesday. I still have to pick up the text book too. I hope I do ok tutoring, I'm not the best person when it comes to speaking with anyone. I only work 6 hours a week...for only $8 and's not much, but it's something. Because of tutoring I have to come to school on the day I had off...Tuesday. Sigh, every day I have to be at school at 8am. I hope my brain doesn't rot and fall out.
I didn't really accomplish much this summer. Didn't really beat any video game, do any art, or anything. I'm such a lazy bum.




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