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About This Website
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Dear friends and colleagues,

This website is a very humble attempt to bring all the Indian Civil Services together. The inspiration for collecting useful links and compiling them into a website came during a visit to Delhi when I tried to locate batch mates cutting across the Services, and I found that though it was relatively easy to locate colleagues from my own Service, it was quite a job figuring out where colleagues from other Services were. The ultimate aims of this website are twofold: one, to make it totally interactive and to make it easy for everyone who is a member of any of the Indian Civil Services to get in touch with each other; and two, to make it the largest training resource for all the Indian Civil Services, with special emphasis on good governance,  gender sensitivity, human rights & environmental issues.

In the meantime, I came across this wonderful website of  IRAS officers ( IRAS Times ), which has nearly everything an IRAS officer will need to know about what is happening around him or her. That was another inspiration to come up with a website to which all civil servants in India can relate. On the negative side, inspiration on how not to make a website came from so many websites of  the Central & State Governments (I'd rather not name them).

Anyway, I sincerely hope to make this website the single largest and the most interactive resource for the Indian Civil Services. It is, and has been, an uphill task, as all research, designing, etc. have been done by me single handedly, with my limited resources and abilities in this field (of course, with support from The Phoenix Foundation in hosting the site). Finally, if the content appears to be mainly IAS specific, it is because the IAS is the Service to which I belong. I'll need help from colleagues from other Services to give me content specific to those Services.

Thanks everyone,

Sunil Oberoi