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Deep inside Mt. Mortar is a trainer that will give you Tyrogue if you beat him. Make sure you only bring 5 Pokemon with you or he will not give it to you. You also need Waterfall to be able to get to him.
Karate King
Pokemon Level Exp.
Hitmonlee 34 1012
Hitmonchan 34 1020
Prizes: $816, Tyrogue



Click here for a map of Mt. Mortar

You can easily get passed the mountain if you have trouble by surfing in the water outside the Mountain.


Dragon Scale

Deep inside Mt. Mortar there is a item ball containing Dragon Scale. You should be able to get it by following the way to get to Tyrogue. It's at the very top of the map.


TM40 - Defense Curl

Also inside near where the Dragon Scale is, you'll find TM 40, Defense Curl... Not really worth your time if you ask me.


There are a group of three plants that give you Apricorns right outside the middle entrance of Mt. Mortar. You need a Pokemon with Cut with you to get to them. The one on the left gives you a Pink Apricorn, the middle a Green Apricorn, and the right a Yellow Apricorn.

Now head East, and you'll come right to Mahogany Town.


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