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Bill - Time Capsule

After Sudowoodo you will reach Ecruteak (Enjyu) City. You'll probably want to stop at the local Pokecenter to heal your Pokemon. When you do you'll meet Bill. He'll tell you he just finished fixing his Time Capsule. The Time Capsule will let you transfer Pokemon from older games, (Red, Blue, and Yellow) and transfer them to Gold or Silver. He tells you that you can't have any new moves from Gold and Silver or Pokemon when trying to use the machine. Then he'll leave and go back to Goldenrod City where he'll give you an Eevee if you talk to him again.

After this, you can take on the local gym leader, Morty.

It would have been handy to have a Kadabra by now.


Ecruteak (Enjyu) City Gym - Fog Badge (#4)

There is a ghost floor surface which continually has you falling through, but to get to the other side, you must walk directly forward in front of a gym trainer, then walk directly left/right, but before reaching the edge, walk directly up in front of another trainer.

The Gym Leader uses all Ghost Pokemon so a Psychic like Kadabra or Drowzee will come in handy here.

Morty will give you the Fog Badge for winning. All Pokemon up to level 50 will obey you now and you'll be able to use Surf outside of battle. He will also give you TM 30, Shadow Ball.

Pokemon Level Exp
Gastly 21 427
Haunter 21 567
Gengar 25 1017
Haunter 23 621
Prizes: $2300, TM30


HM03 - Surf

Two more things to do here. Inside the town there are five Kimono Girls dancing on the stage. Each Kimono Girl has an Eevee evolution (two new ones, a Psychic one, and a Dark one). If you defeat all five and talk to the man with the hat, he will give you HM03, Surf.

The House

Dancing Kimono Girls

HM03 - Surf



Inside one of the houses, this guy will give you an Itemfinder.


Burned Tower - Rival / Legendary Beasts

Burned Tower

Once you enter the Burned Tower your Rival will fight you. If you have that Kadabra, now is the time to use it.

Once your Rival is defeated and leaves, it'll be time to explore the rest of the tower. I was playing at night, so I fought some Rattata, the occasional Gastly, Koffing, and Magmar!

If you taught TM08 to one of your Pokemon, now it is time to use it. (Remember TM08 is given to you by the fat man that was looking at Sudowoodo - the wiggling tree.)

Fight the trainer and you can fall down the hole in the middle. Go up to the stone statues and they will awaken, then scatter. These are the Three Legendary Beasts, Raikou (electric type), Entei (fire type), and Suicune (water type). You may run into them later on in the game (in the wild), so be prepared.

Next head west to Route 38.

Pokemon Level Exp
Haunter 20 540
Magnemite 18 342
Zubat 20 231
Starter (Evolved) 22 669
Prizes: $1320

TM08 Breaks Rocks

Legendary Beasts Scatter


TM 20 - Endure

Inside the Burned Tower you can find TM 20 by breaking the rock on the right side. Then you have fall in the hole in the upper right hand corner. Then move a rock with strength and TM 20, Endure, is yours.


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