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Goldenrod (Kogane) City Gym - Plain Badge
Goldenrod (Kogane) City is pretty big. The local Pokemart is like the Celadon Department Store. There's plenty to due, but let's get down to business. It's the Gym Leader's badge you want, isn't it?

All the trainers use Normal Pokemon in the Goldenrod (Kogane) City Gym. Right before Whitney there is a trainer who likes to use Jigglypuff, 3 to be exact. So you might want to stop at the Pokecenter to wake up any Pokemon before taking on Whitney.

Whitney can be challenging. If you caught a Geodude or Onix earlier, now is the time it would come in handy.

Whitney won't give you the Plain Badge at first because she will start crying. Talk to the trainer below her then talk to Whitney again. She'll stop crying and give you the Plain Badge. It will let your Pokemon use Strength outside of battle and it boosts your Pokemon's Speed. She'll also give you TM45, Attract.

Pokemon Level Exp
Clefairy 18 261
Miltank 20 856
Prizes: $2000, TM45


In the radio station at Goldenrod, there is someone at the far end of the counter. She has a five question quiz for you. Answer yes, yes, no, yes, no. You'll get a Radio Card for your Pokegear.

Right to the left of the girl who gave you the quiz is someone who will check to see if your ID is the same as the Lucky Radio Station's. If it is you can win prizes, like a Masterball.


Coin Case / Free Bike
The Game Corner in Goldenrod (Kogane) City requires the coin case like in the previous versions. In Goldenrod are two buildings that have an underground tunnel that connect to each other. There are a few trainers there, but, if you find a Pokeball down there, it'll contain the coin case. Now you can take your case and go gambling.

Also, there's a bike shop in Goldenrod, just talk to the guy and he'll give you a free bike.


Pokemon Salon
Also in the Underground Path is a Pokemon Salon. Depending on the day, you can groom your Pokemon which will make it happy.


TM 21 or TM 27
In the Goldenrod City Department Store a lady on the 5th floor will give you a TM on Sundays depending on how your Pokemon like you. If they like you she'll give you TM 27, Return. It'll do more damage the more your Pokemon like you. However, if they don't she'll give you TM 21, Frustration. It'll do more damage the more your Pokemon dislike you.


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