Litter Spring 2010
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Misty Mtn Little Miss X Wyatt's Easy Going Joe  · 
Reds, Blue Merles, and a Red Merle Merles with White and Copper Trim
Some blue and mottled blue eyes
Birthdate: March 4, 2010        


Little Miss and Joe

The litter shown below is from a cross between Little Miss and Joe. Little Miss is a granddaughter of Monty (from Mischief on the maternal side). She is second generation of our own breeding. Her dam was my Mom's favorite dog since we started raising Aussies again, and we feel that Lil' Miss and her pups carry on some of the best aspects of Mischief. In appearance, Lil' Miss is almost a mirror image of her dam, Mischief. She moves out well on her legs and turns on a dime. She stands right around 18 inches and has plenty of chest and bone without being bulky. She also has a very similar working style to her dam. Lil' Miss keeps the animals nice and calm while being worked, and she may have the best sense of balance of any dog we own. She is also willing and able to do chute work. However, Lil' Miss doesn't have Mischief's stubborn streak. While she doesn't have a timid bone in her body when working angry cattle, she would never consider disobeying a clear, direct command, and she gets visibly upset if someone is angry with her. As a final note, I think its worth pointing out that among our dogs we have the most requests for pups out of either Lil' Miss or her dam, Mischief, by either the same people who previously bought one of their pups or from people who met those pups. These dogs just have some special about them.

The sire, Joe, is from a farm in North Carolina. We were looking for a male that was structurally sound and possessed an interest in working livestock, but did not become overzealous. We wanted a dog that could be gentle on the smaller livestock like goats, but still aggressive with the larger, meaner cows. Joe has matched all those characteristics so far. He was started on small stock at the time we purchased him and has continued work at home. We would like to thank Bayfield Farms for breeding such a fine dog and having his training started so well. It should be noted that he is much stronger in the open or large pens than doing work in tight locations and small pens. He has a gorgeous conformation. He is very square, has a very strong topline, and moves out well. The most noteworthy point about Joe is that he has an incredible "want to please" attitude that he passes on to his progeny. Joe is the only dog that we own that will try to figure out what my Dad is asking for when Dad starts yelling like a bull in a china closet. (I have a great Dad, he just isn't the best at training or working with dogs sometimes.)

This cross was made three years ago, and we had so much positive feedback from that litter as both companions and farm dogs that we decided to make it again. Pups from this cross tend to bond closely to their owners and owner's family and are very loyal. They are often protective on home turf and more reserved around strangers that some other Aussie lines. Angela owns a half-sister to this litter out of Mischief, and she feels much, much safer alone as a single country girl in the city with Shae watching over her. Pups from this cross have a lot of grit on livestock with a strong desire to please their owners. Physically, they tend to be stout, well muscled, square dogs. As my Mom says, you know you have got a hold of something when you pick up one of these puppies. They aren't just fluffy teddybears. Some of the puppies shown may have already been spoken for. Please call for more information or to reserve a specific puppy.

I have limited disk space left on this webpage so in effort to help people by putting up more recent pictures I have deleted all the pictures from the pups as youngsters and all pictures from pups that have found their permanent homes in this litter. I really will have a new webpage up soon so I don't have this problem next time though!

Pics from ~10 weeks: The Red Rustlers


The Red Male: "Bear"

The solid red male pictured in the first two photos has been one of the most people-oriented puppies in the litter since he started walking and talking. He has a strong play drive and loves to be actively doing something with you. He really steals your heart when you are around him. We think he would make an excellent farm dog, trialing dog, agility dog, etc. He has a major "want to please" personality and is very attentive. Plus he is such a good looking fellow! He is a very strongly made, square boy. He has been exposed to a variety of places from our farm, to playground equipment, to logs and branches from nearby trees. Nothing spooks him and he is agreeable to most anything you ask him to do. This boy really trusts you not to ask him to do anything he can't pull off. He has been on a five hour car ride to Columbia to visit Angela, and then he went back to the farm in Arkansas again. He did great on the ride, found city life fun (but not as fun as playing in the fields back home), and didn't mess in the kennel over night while visiting the big city for the weekend.

The Red Female: "Spice"

These second two photos show our remaining female. We are only considering homes where she will be "working" and "actively doing stuff". We don't think she would be a good match for a "companion only" home. She is an alpha female, very bright, and has always had the most extreme play drive in the litter. She does have a strong-will though and will need someone who is used to smart, active working dogs to get the maximum potential out of her. She would definitely not make a good "sit in the backyard" type of girl. Spice would make a great farm dog, agility dog, herding dog, or a companion to someone who is out hiking and doing lots of active outdoor-sy things. If the right home doesn't come along, we are happy to keep her. We really like her and her bloodlines, and the only reason we are considering parting with her is because we have a very busy year ahead of us with opening our store and dealing with family health issues. We aren't sure if we will have the time to devote to her that she deserves so if the right home presents itself we will consider parting with her.


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