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Welcome to The Fellowship of the West, a site devoted to JRR Tolkien's famous trilogy and the movies that were based on them. This site is divided into three main sections The Books, The Movies, and The Fans. Each section has an introductory page.

This front page is where the latest news and announcements are made:


November 29, 2002

Tickets on sale now in San Francisco at the Coronet on Geary and Arguello! There is an 11 AM showing and many of us will be there. Tickets are sold at the box office only! The Midnight show is also available at the same theater. For those of stout heart join us for both if not one. For theaters other than the Coronet, but still in the Bay Area, the best alternative right now would be Fandango.Advance tickets are also available at United Artists Theater's site

We are in the month of November and we've kicked it up a notch. The Line Party for San Francisco is not only alive but is heating up as well. Details can be found by clicking on the link on the left or checking the events calender on the right.


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I know the site is a bit crude and incomplete, but come back soon as it is new and evolving.