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Leonie O'Moore comic books

Graphic Novels:

LORD (writer/artist)

Some Forgotten Part (writer/artist)

Law of the Paw (artist)


'Boxes' for Dead Roots anthology (artist)

'An Aphid's life' for Asteroid Belter anthology (writer/artist)

Tag Team (artist/editor)

New British Comics #1, New British Comics#2 (writer/artist),

Accent UK anthologies: Twelve (writer/artist), Monsters (writer/artist), Zombies (artist), Robots (artist), Predators (artist), Phobias (writer/artist)

There goes Tokyo presents #1,#2,#3 (artist/writer/co-editor)

There goes Tokyo spotlight on #1,#2,#3,#4 (artist/writer/co-editor)


Indie forum (writer/artist/editor) #1, #2,#3,#4,#5, Retro woman comic (writer/artist)

Velocity comics #2 (writer/artist)

International Manga Association British Anthology (writer/artist)

Sunday 12 hr comic (writer/artist)

Comic Books:

'Double Dead' Issues 1-3 (writer/artist) 'The Scarlet Star' (artist)

Monstrum Horrendum Book 1 Vol 2, Monstrum Horrendum Book 2 Vol 2, Monstrum Horrendum: Mermaid Mayhem (writer/artist)

Vampire daisy of doom mini comic #1(writer/artist)

Poop-o-rama #1,#2(writer/artist)

Love the monsters(writer/artist)

Mistakes and Regrets(writer/artist)

Monstrum Horrendum Vol 1 (writer/artist)

Various mini-comics (artist/writer), Hells Belles #1,#2 (artist/writer)

Noir (writer/artist)

Hellboink mini-comic(colourist)

SK's Journey (Tag Team Day 3) - (artist)

Charity Comics:

Spirit of Hope (writer/artist/ anthology title)

Flood (writer/artist/anthology title)

Green (writer/artist/anthology title)


Jaws: the untold story.

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus: the highlights

The fixer upper

Ryan's Bad Day web comic for Apocalypse comics (writer/artist)

Job Search webcomic for indie review (writer/artist)

"Vampire daisy," "Uni", strips for Roofdog website(writer/artist)

"Vampire Daisy", "Lost in the supermarket", "Jane Jade", "the Snowman", "Monster town" for There goes Tokyo website (writer/artist)

Online Zine:

The Shark Report Zine)

Covers and Pin-ups:

Red Fox colouring book(pin-up artist)

The Girlie Comic #21 (cover artist)

Incoming (cover artist)

Deva comics (pin-up artist)

Cheronna (pin-up artist)


Starburst issue 379 (Artist on 'Sleeping with the fishes' comic strip)


Illustrations for 'Bad Advice' by Martha Vialli

Museum Guides and Activity Books

'Outside the frame' - Exhibition activity book, Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

Guide Book for Children - Segedunum Roman Fort

Puzzle sheets - Laing Art Gallery

Exhibition activity book - Sunderland Museum and Winter Garden

Interviews / Features:

Interview at Colouring Outside The Lines

Interview for GLAMOUR magazine, Sept. 2010.

Video blog for GLAMOUR magazine Sept. 2010.

Scarlet Star Interview at Geek Chocolate

Teesside University course announced

YAY!LA Magazine feature