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w00t! version 1.o



July 29th, 10:00 pm, 2004
Some updates! Loads of new pictures! An updated Jesus Freak page! and... ok, I think thats it. But loads of new pictures! hehe. I love my Big Red Shoe the Bear. the end.
Later Days,

July 15th 11:00pm, 2004
Once again my website has undergone a transformation. It is now w00t! because w00t! is a fun word. I intend to keep this title so every time I renovate my site, it will be version whatever. The Girl In The Box was so unhappy because when I created it, I was unhappy. Now I feel much better and want my website to reflect that. And I turn 21 in one hour!! The partying has only just begun :D
Later Days,

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I was a part of the human flag where I live, in San Diego, CA. 72,000 people came out to the staduim to be a part of it, not counting those who didn't get in when they finally had to close the gates.