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Kain's Picture Gallery

You are lucky number to visit my picture gallery!

Hello to all, and thanks for visiting! For those of you who have not been here before, it is simply a picture gallery of mine, on which I post cool pics from various movies, shows, or video games I like. I hope all of you like them as well! Right now it's just Dragon Ball Z and Megaman, (as well as a recently added Lord of the Rings section! See below) I am not sure what else to put, but these are here for now. Lemme know whatcha all think! E-mail me at the bottom of the page! Enjoy!

Megaman pics:

Dragon Ball Z pics:

Dbz pics that move!Ooooo!:

The Team
Andriod Saga Pic
Goku's Kamehameha
The Team again
Gotenks SSJ5 Pic
Goku fighting himself
The Team yet again
Dbz Poster
Piccolo's Demon Ray
Megaman Team
Everyone Super Saiyan Pic
Piccolo pose
X pic
Mighty Saiyan Fusion
Vegeta's Energy Disk
X pic2
Gohan Super Saiyan 5
Vegeta's Ki Blast
X pic3
Gohan Bio
Trunk's Energy Blast
X pic4
Goku Super Saiyan
Goten's Energy Blast
X pic5
Goku Super Saiyan 3
Krillin's Fireball
X pic6
Goku Super Saiyan 4
Falcon X
Goku Super Saiyan 5
Gia X
Goku Super Saiyan 6
Giga X
Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Videl, Trunks, and Goten
X in Gold and Red
Goku SSJ3 and Vegeta SSJ2
Megaman X3 poster
Goku SSJ4 and other Super Saiyans
X buster shot
Goku Gohan and Goten SSJ
X and Zero
Goku Gohan Vegeta and Trunks, plain and SSJ
Zero pic1
Goku and Gohan
Zero pic2
Goku and Vegeta SSJ4
Zero pic3a
Goten and Trunks plain and SSJ
Zero pic3b
Huge Dbz Pic
Zero pic4a
Majin Vegeta
Zero pic4b
Raditz Super Saiyan
Zero pic5
Nappa Super Saiyan
Zero pic6
Trunks Poster
Zero pic7
Trunks with two swords
Zero pic8
Ultimate Battle
Dark Zero
Vegeta Super Saiyan 4
Protoman pic 1
Vegeta Super Saiyan 5
Protoman pic2
Vegeta and Gohan SSJ5
Bass pic1
Videl pic
Bass pic2
Bass pic3
Bass and Treble

Here we go! The Lord of the Rings table is finally up! Some of the andimated pics kinda suck, but hey, it's Lord of the Rings. None of the animated ones move, they are just drawings. I hope you all like them!

Lord of the Rings (movie pics):

Lord of the Rings (drawn pics):

Arwen on Horseback Galadriel
Arwen Gandalf and the Balrog
Aragorn Gandalf at the Bridge
Boromir, Legolas, and Aragorn Gandalf falls
Legolas pic 1 Gandalf's return
Legolas pic 2 Arwen fights a Nazgul
Legolas in Moria Legolas and Gimli
Legolas Wallpaper Ringwraiths
Gandalf in the Shire Rivendell
The Flame of Morgoth Havens
The Flame and the Sword
Frodo with the Ring
Frodo and Galadriel
Sam Gamgee
Castle pic
Lord of the Rings wallpaper

For those of you who are interested, I also write funny short stories. They are also posted online here so take a gander! They are with some other funny stuff too! IT has:

  1. The stories we have written.
  2. Timelines we have drawn up.
  3. Some wierd pics that were made.
  4. A button bar that actually works now!
  5. Bios for the characts.
  6. Much much more!

Got any ideas, comments, complaints or pics? Contact me. Please be sure to put "About your webpage" or some such in the subject so I don't delete it for spam. =D

Thanks for visiting!