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Philip Morgan's JavaEngland Site
Hi everyone! Welcome to my new Java site. During the next few months I will be uploading bits and bobs of Java related material. To get started, here is a game called Bulls and Cows, written by Brian Gallagher, one of my top Java students here in London, England. Right now I don't have time to explain the rules of the game, but basically, a bull, indicated by a black peg in the guess column, means you have selected a peg with the right colour and in the correct position. A cow, indicated by a white peg in the guess column, means you have chosen a peg with the right colour but in the wrong position. I thought I said I didn't have time to explain the rules! Anyway, enjoy! Will be back soon.
The Tower of Belem - Built in honour of the patron saint of Lisbon - St. Vincent. The picture is displayed using a Java Lake applet. The accompanying song, "Lisbon", appeared in the 1950s movie of the same name.

One Cup of Coffee - Recorded by Bob Marley in 1962. The picture comprises two animated gifs and a lake applet. The mp3 version of the song is about one minute duration, whereas the Real Audio version is the full two and half minutes and higher quality at 44,100 Hz - requires broadband to hear to maximum advantage.

Panorama 4 Virtual Tour - Text and Audio Version. This is one I prepared earlier. It takes still images and rotates them smoothly through 360 degrees.

Multimedia Slide Show - This was one of my earlier ventures into Java programming and still attracts customers after two years since its first release.

Java Sound Recorder - I wrote this during the Easter break of this year (2002). It will record from the sound card, a line input or microphone. It produces audio files in AU, SND or WAV formats at sampling rates from 8000Hz to 41,000Hz (CD quality).

Space Invaders - Take a trip down memory lane with this great Java implementation of the classic arcade game of the 1980s!

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