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This is the official "Homepage" for "FREQGENGUI" a free open source frontend for "Freqgen.exe"FREQGENGUI was written by Michael SmithFREQGEN.EXE was written by Fred WalterThe reason I wrote this frontend was that I had FREQGEN.EXE for RIFE healing experimentation. I liked FREQGEN.EXE however some people have problems using DOS command line programs. I remembered in Fred Walters readme that in the TODO section was to make a FRONTEND to make it thats what I did! It doesn't exploit all of FREQGEN's abilities however it does display some of the command line options so the user gets the idea of how to use these programs.FREQGENGUI has only been tested on Windows98 platforms. It is written in Visual Basic 6 and is supplied in a couple formats. The options include Freqgengui.exe and Source Directory with SOURCE FILES and VB6sp5 Runtime files or Freqgengui.exe with SOURCE FILES

My advice to installing these programs is to install FREQGEN.EXE first, then expand the FREQGENGUI files in a tempory directory you will have a readme and a ZIP file. Read the readmefreqgengui.txt file and follow the directions. In the source directory you will also find a icon file for your desktop shortcut. It isn't a very good looking icon, so if someone comes up with a better one good.

Just the SOURCE and EXECUTABLE with installerVersion 0.2 846Kb

VB6 runtime files 1.02Mb

I will compile it myself SOURCE ONLY Version 0.2 ..20kb

Other file you may need Comdlg32.ocx and Comdlg32.dll 145kb

Freqgen.exe written by Fred Walter


Freqgen.exe 1.13 Readme by Fred Walter

Screen Shots

News: FreqgenguiV0.3 is under construction, it will be easier to use and have only basic

controls. The volume and channel settings will go and be set at default setting of both channels

and 50% output. It will not have all the functionality of V0.2 , V0.2 will not be removed

from this site as it offers unique features offered by Freqgen.exe by Fred Walter .This has been

done to allow a less complicated program setup for newer computer users.

After the V0.3 release Future Versions of Freqgengui will be written in JAVA (if I ever figure it out that is!)

so that future versions will be able to be deployed to ANY Unix/Windows/Mac platforms.

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