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Spruce Falls

A Forgotten Realms city

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Spruce Falls Info



Campaign Info
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[Years are calculated in Dalereckoning (DR). In some texts, primarily those which don't have direct ties to the Dales history, Dalereckoning is called Freeman's Reckoning (FR).]

  -2637 Mezro (Chult) is founded by Ubtao
  -2488 Empire of Raurin (Imaskari, Artificers) is destroyed

  -2135 Mulhorand is founded

           [0 Mulhorand Calendar (MC)]
  -2087 Unther is founded
  -1967 First Mulhorand-Unther War
  -1961 End of First Mulhorand-Unther War, peace to present day
  -1088 First record of trading at the future site of Waterdeep

           [0 Waterdeep Years (WY)]
  -1075 Orcgate Wars in Thay
  -1071 Orc god Gruumsh kills Mulhorand deity Re
  -1069 Orcs in Thay are defeated, they flee north and west
c. -900 Rise of Narfell and Raumathar

    -734 Gilgeam becomes king of Unther
c. -400 Augathra travels the world
c. -200 Tethyrian royal family rules Tethyr
           Candlekeep is founded
           First Dalesmen cross the Dragon Reach to Cormanthor
c. -150 Narfell and Raumathar are destroyed
    -137 The Chultan city of Mezro is sacked
      -52 First permanent farms in Waterdeep


     1 Year of the Sunrise
         The Standing Stone is erected
         Dalereckoning begins
         Empire of Shoon in Calimshan
    10 Year of Dreams
    20 Year of the Fallen Fury
    25 Year of Many Runes
         Church of Deneir is founded
    26 Year of Opening Doors
         Cormyr is founded by Obarskyr family

         [0 Cormyr Reckoning (CR)]
    75 Year of Clinging Death
          Plague Racks the civilized Realms (Empire of the Sands and Vilhon Reach)
          Alaundo the Seer arrives in Candlekeep
   112 Year of the Tusk
          Date of oldest recognized map of Cormyr and the Dales
   163 Year of the Screeching Vole
          Last reported use of the Ring of Winter in Cormyr
c. 200 Anauria noted as being destroyed by goblins
          Southern barbarians invade Unther and Mulhorand
   261 Year of Soaring Stars
          Laying of the Mythal at Myth Drannor
          Myth Drannor created for all races
c. 300 Asram and Hlondath recorded as having been destroyed by the desert.
c. 350 Creation of Northkeep
          Shoonish warriors battle on the field of the Dead
   400 Year of the Blue Shield
          Northkeep sunk beneath the waves
c. 450 Shoon Empire collapses in what is now Calimshan
   500 Year of the Flame Tongue
   600 Year of Fire and Frost
   640 Year of the Fanged Beast
          First mining and trading encampments at Zenthil Keep
   661 Year of the Bloody Tusk
          Death of Lord Eltargrim of the Elves
          Height of Myth Drannor
   679 Year of the Scarlet Scarf
          End of Second Untheric Empire
   712 Year of the Lost Lance
          Beginning of the nycaloth-led assault on Myth Drannor by the Army of Darkness
   714 Year of Doom
          Fall of Myth Drannor
   720 Year of the Dawn Rose
          Gathering of the Gods at the Dancing Planes
          Founding of the Harpers
   756 Year of the Learning Post
          First fishfolk settle in Aglarond
   796 Year of the Grey Mists
          Merrydale becomes Daggerdale following Vampiric infestation
   800 Year of the Black Fist
          Rise in the power of Bane in the Realms
          Drow influence in the now-Ashaba valley at its height
   834 Year of the Leaping Lion
          Castle Greatstead (Grimstead) built on the border of Shadowdale
   863 Year of the Wonderous Sea
          The Chultan city of Mezro disappears
   864 Year of the Broken Branch
          Castle Grimstead destroyed by Drow
   882 Year of the Curse
          Nimoar's Hold built at Waterdeep's bay
   884 Year of the Signing Arrow
          The elves destroy a large mercenary force in Sembia
   896 Year of the Empty Hands
          Extensive poverty and famine from here to 900 DR

   898  The Rotting Wars in Chondath begin (civil war)

   900 Year of the Thirsty Sword
          Widespread war; strong leaders emerge
   902 Year of the Queen's tears
         The Rotting Wars culminates in the Battle of the Fields of Nun - Chondath decimated
         Chondath renounces claims on Sembian City States
         Cult of Dragon Creates first Dracoliches
   906 Year of the Plough
         Drow driven from the Twisted Tower
         Shadowdale founded
   913 Year of the Watching Raven
          Sembia founded under the Raven Banner

   922 Year of the Spouting Fish
          Battle of Thazalhar in Thay
          Red Wizards declare Thay independent from Mulhorand

   929 Year of the Flashing Eyes
          Chessenta rebels against Unther

   932 Year of the Fireslaughter
          First Troll War in the North

   934 Year of Fell Wizardry
          First Thayvian invasion of Rashemen

   937 Year of the Turning Wheel
          Thesk founded along the Golden Way
   940 Year of the Golden Claws
          Second Troll wars in the North
          Ashaba, first Lord of Shadowdale merge with river
   974 Year of the Haunting Harpy
          Castle Waterdeep is built
   975 Year of the Bent Coin
          Telflamm established as a Royal City-state
   976 Year of the Slaying Spells
          Mulhorandi invasion of Thay repelled
   992 Year of the Watching Hell
          Heralds of Faerun Created

  1000 Year of the Wailing Winds

  1001 Year of the Awakening
          Many ruins discovered and old magic and undead released
  1018 Year of the Dracorage
          Death(?) of Tchazzar, unifier of Chessenta
          Rage of Dragons in Faerun
          Peleveran, south of Chessenta, destroyed by Dragons
  1019 Year of the Sure Quarrel
          Assassin wars in the South, many killed by crossbow-wielding thieves
  1020 Year of Smoldering Spells
          Thay develops much of its unique fire magic
  1021 Year of the Howling Axe
          Thay strikes against the Harpers
          Liches walk the Heartlands
          Harpers go underground
  1022 Year of the Wandering Wyvern
          Refounding of the Harpers

  1030 Year of the Warlords
          Zulkirs established in Thay
          Aencar becomes Warlord of Battledale

  1032 Ahghairon becomes First Lord of Waterdeep

           [0 Northreckoning (NR)]
  1038 Year of Spreading Spring
          Global warning happens
          Lands of Narfell, Vaasa and Damara are fully free of ice
          Large scale immigration begins to these lands
          Aencar begins to unify the Dales and takes the title "Mantled King"
  1044 Year of Singing Shards
          Aencar the Mantled King dies
          Dales split up into independent, though allied, communities
  1065 Year of the Watching Wood
          Brindor is first king of Aglarond
  1074 Year of the Tightening Fist
          Zulkirs quell rebellions and rule in Thay
  1090 Year of Slaughter
          The Battle of the Bones
          Followers of Malar mount the Great Hunt
  1095 Year of the Dawndance
          Imphras unites cities of Impiltur
  1097 Year of the Gleaming Crown
          Imphras crowned king of Impiltur
  1099 Year of the Restless
          New trade routes are forged
          First modern contact with Kara-Tur and Zakhara


  1100 Year of the Bloodrose
  1104 Year of the Dark Dawn
          Birth of Zulkir Szass Tam of Thay
  1110 Year of the Bloody Fields
          Many battles were fought this year
  1116 Year of the Empty Scabbard
          The Heralds break from the Harpers
  1117 Year of the Twelveride
          Chessenta breaks up into city-state through 1154DR
  1150 Year of the Scourge
          Plague throughout the Sword Coast
          Worship of Talona and Loviatar soars
  1161 Year of the Quiet Earth
          Merith Strongbow, eldest of the Knight of Myth Drannor, is born
  1164 Year of Long Shadows
          Immursk, greatest of Inner Sea pirates, begins his piracy career
          Voonlar founded
  1180 Year of Sinking Sails
          Sembia loses fleet in Pirates Island
  1181 Year of the Shieldtree
  1182 Year of the Tomb
          Cities of Calimshan recognize the rule of the pasha of Calimport
          The Malaugrym appear in Faerun
          Harpstar wars
  1194 Year of the Bloody Wave
          Battle of the Singing Sands. Aglarond beats Thay
  1195 Year of the Midday Mists
  1196 Year of the Shrike
  1197 Year of the Sundered Shields
          Battle of Brokenheads. Aglarond beats Thay
  1198 Year of the Lean Purse
  1199 Year of the Baldric

  1200 Year of the Buckler
  1201 Year of Embers
          Death(?) of Immursk the Pirate
  1209 Year of the Blazing Banners
          The naval battle of the Fallen
          Destruction of Urdogen's pirates
  1220 Year of the Toppled Tree
  1221 Year of the Frozen Flower
  1222 Year of the Horn
          The Harpstar Wars end with the destruction of the Harper King
  1223 Year of the Trembling Tree
  1224 Year of the Swollen Stars
  1225 Year of the Winged Worm
  1226 Year of the Black Buck
  1227 Year of the Wall
  1228 Year of the Tattered Banners
  1229 Year of the Carrion Crow
  1230 Year of the Long Watch
          Elf-maidens are kidnapped
  1231 Year of the Bright Star
  1232 Year of the Weeping Wives
          Destruction of Sessrendale by Archendale
  1233 Year of Many Monsters
  1234 Year of the Full Flagon
  1235 Year of the Black Horde
          Largest Orc Horde in history masses out of the North
          Waterdeep besieged, Calimshan threatened
  1236 Year of the Struck Gong
  1237 Year of the Grotto
          Thesk and Aglarond enter into alliance
  1238 Year of the Lone Candle
  1239 Year of the Bloodied Sword
  1240 Year of the Bright Sun
  1241 Year of the Lost Lady
          Tethyrian noble captured and slain by orcs
          Orcs are wiped out throughout the South in a genocidal slaughter
  1242 Year of the Yellow Rose
          Monastery of the Yellow Rose founded in Damara
  1243 Year of the Blue Dragon
          Rule of the venerable wyrm in Anaglathos in Turmish until 1247 DR
  1244 Year of the Defiant Keep
  1245 Year of Pain
          Loviatar worship gains popularity-most modern in temple the North are founded
  1246 Year of Burning Steel
          First recorded use of bombards by Lantan
  1247 Year of the Purple Basilisk
          Anaglathos overthrown in Turmish by popular rebellion & slain by adventurers
  1248 Year of the Cockatrice
          Verovan, last king of Westgate, dies
          Guilds are formed in Waterdeep
  1249 Year of the Bold Knight
  1250 Year of the Riven Skull
  1251 Year of the Wanderings Winds
  1252 Year of the Empty Goblet
          Vine-blight destroys grape crop - no wine this year
  1253 Year of Beckoning Death
          Plague Year in Cormyr, Sembia and the Vast
  1254 Year of Silent Steel
          Rising powers of guild's thieves results in many assassination
  1255 Year of the Raging Flame
  1256 Year of the Dusty Throne
  1257 Year of the Killing Wave
          Tidal waves hit Calimshan
  1258 Year of the Wilted Flowers
  1259 Year of the Vigilant Fist
  1260 Year of the Broken Blade
          Many peace treaties sign this year
          Halacar of Aglarond is poisoned, his sister, Ilione, tutor to the Simbul takes the Throne
  1261 Year of the Bright Dreams
  1262 Year of the Black Wind
          Killing storm raised by Calishite mage
          Guilds wars in Waterdeep
  1263 Year of the Tressym
          These creatures becomes widespread
  1264 Year of the Shattered Alter
          Widespread tomb-robbing and sacrilege
  1265 Year of Flowers
  1266 Year of the Leaping Frog
  1267 Year of the Groaning Cart
          A bountiful harvest year
  1268 Year of Daystars
  1269 Year of the Moat
  1270 Year of the Tooth
  1271 Year of the Shattered Wall
  1272 Year of the Shrieker
  1273 Year of the Wagon
          Magisters founded in Waterdeep
          Joadath noted as being Lord of Shadowdale
  1274 Year of the Purple Toad
  1275 Year of the Blade
  1276 Year of the Crumbling Keep
          Citadel of the Raven rebuilt
  1277 Year of the Beholder
  1278 Year on Many Bones
  1279 Year of the Snarling Dragon
  1280 Year of the Manticore
          Thay nearly conquers Mulhorand before being repulsed
          Old Skull Inn built in Shadowdale
  1281 Year of the Cold Soul
  1282 Year of the Many Mists
  1283 Year of the Crawling Clouds
  1284 Year of the Dying Stars
  1285 Year of the Blacksnake
  1286 Year of the Rock
  1287 Year of the Smokey Moon
  1288 Year of the Roaring Horn
          Last Ogre Tharkul Falls
  1289 Year of the Sighing Serpent
  1290 Year of the Whelm
          Dragonspear Castle falls
  1291 Year of the Hooded Falcon
  1292 Year of the Wandering Waves
  1293 Year of the Talking Skull
  1294 Year of the Deep Moon
  1295 Year of the Ormserpent
  1296 Year of the Black Hound
  1297 Year of the Singing Skull
          First recorded mention of Drizzt Do'Urden
  1298 Year of the Pointed Bones
  1299 Year of the Claw

  1300 Year of the Starfall
         Thieves' guild destroyed in Waterdeep
         Joadath of Shadowdale dies
         Aumry and Sylune become lord and lady of Shadowdale
  1301 Year of the Trumpet
  1302 Year of the Broken Helm
  1303 Year of the Evening Sun
          Fall of the Human kingdom of Thar
  1304 Year of the Stag
  1305 Year of the Creeping Fang
  1306 Year of Thunder
          Moonsea War
          Mulmaster vanquished by alliances of other cities.
          Vangerdahast of Cormyr founds the War Wizards
  1307 Year of the Mace
          Azoun of Cormyr born
  1308 Year of the Catacombs
          Dungeon exploring comes into vogue
          Lhestyn becomes the Open Lord of Waterdeep
          Construction begins on Lhestyn's (later Piergeiron's) Palace
  1309 Year of the Sunset Winds
  1310 Year of the Storms
  1311 Year of the Fist
  1312 Year of the Griffon
          Darkhold seized by Zenthil Keep
          Teziir founded on the Dragonmere
          Red Sashes operating in Waterdeep
  1313 Year of the Shattered Oak
  1314 Year of the Shadowtop
          The tree of this name flourishes in this year
          Piergeiron becomes the Unmasked Lord of Waterdeep
          Rhigaerd II, King of Cormyr, defeats the border raiders
  1315 Year of Spilled Blood
  1316 Year of the Gulagoar
  1317 Year of the Wandering Wyrm
          Great Plague of the Inner Sea, also called Dragon Plague
  1318 Year of the Tired Treant
  1319 Year of the Fallen Throne
          The Kingship of Sossal ends in Bloodshed
  1320 Year of the Watching Cold
          The Simbul becomes queen of Aglarond
  1321 Year of Chains
          The Harpers reorganized
          Twilight Hall founded in Berdusk
  1322 Year of Lurking Death
          Monstrous attacks at a 50-year peak
  1323 Year of Dreamwebs
          Great Plague declared over
          Thayvian wizards attempt to control others through dreams; they are discovered & destroyed
  1324 Year of the Grimoire
          Many old magical tomes were discovered, sparking a renewed interest in magic
  1325 Year of the Great Harvests
          Beer and Wine of this year are legendary
  1326 Year of the Striking Hawk
  1327 Year of the Blue Flame
  1328 Year of the Adder
  1329 Year of the Lost Helm
  1330 Year of the Marching Moon
  1331 Year of the Leaping Dolphin
  1332 Year of the Swords and Stars
  1333 Year of the Striking Falcon
          Amnian Trade War
          Founding of the Council of Six & unification of Amn
  1334 Year of the Blazing Brand
  1335 Year of the Snow Winds
          The Evereska Charter claims the Greycloak Hills for the elves.
          Rhigaerd II dies in the last day of the year
  1336 Year of the Highmantle
          Azoun IV take the throne of Cormyr
  1337 Year of the Wandering Maiden
          Charles Oliver O'Kane becomes mayor of Ravens Bluff
  1338 Year of the Wanderer
          Wandering Wyvern built in Sevenecho
          Queen Sambryl takes the throne of Impiltur
  1339 Year of the Weeping Moons
          Aumry slain, Jyordhan becomes lord of Shadowdale
  1340 Year of the Lion
          Battle of the River Rising in Featherdale between Sembian & Cult of the Dragon forces
          Death of the Wizard Mhzentul
  1341 Year of the Gate
  1342 Year of the Behir
  1343 Year of the Boot
  1344 Year of the Moonfall
          Retreat of the elves from Cormanthor begins
  1345 Year of the Saddle
          Jyordhan slain by Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun of Waterdeep
          Time of No Lord (until 1348) in Shadowdale
  1346 Year of the Bloodbird
          Bhaal banished from Moonshae Islands
          Kendrick becomes High King of Moonshae
          The Friendly Arm built
          Naval Battle of Lisen Sends
          Selfaril becomes High Blade of Mulmaster
  1347 Year of the Bright Blade
          Zhengyi the Witch-king rises in Vaasa
          Alemander IV dies in Tethyr "Ten Black days of Eleint"
          Civil War begins in Tethyr
  1348 Year of the Spur
          Khelben gives Pendant of Ashaba to Knights of Myth Drannor
          Doust Sulwood chosen to be Lord of Shadowdale
  1349 Year of the Bridle
  1350 Year of the Morningstar
  1351 Year of the Crown
          Warlock's Crypt discovered
          Plague in Baldur's Gate
  1352 Year of the Dragon
          Gondegal the Lost King of Arabel
          Barbarians of the Ride destroy Zhentarim force en route to Glister
  1353 Year of the Arch
          Randal Morn kills Malyk of Daggerdale
          Doust Sulwood retires to Arabel
          Mourngrym Amcathra becomes Lord of Shadowdale
  1354 Year of the Bow
          Prosperous harvest in the Realms
          Mulmaster "New Fleet" destroyed in battle
          Maalthiir becomes ruler of Hillsfar
          House of the Lady (Tymora) established in Shadowdale
  1355 Year of the Harp
          Zenthil Keep takes the Citadel of the Raven at his own
          Retreat of elves from Cormanthor reach its peak
          Yulash falls in Civil war
          Zenthil Keep and Hillsfar move troops to Yulash
  1356 Year of the Worm
          Selfaril of Mulmaster and the tharchioness of the Tharch of Eltabbar in Thay, known as the First Princess of Thay outside Thay, exchange gifts
          Scardale attempts to take over the Dalelands and its crushed
          Cormyr seizes Tilverton
          Lyran the Pretender attacks Shadowdale
          Flight of Dragons over the Dales and Moonsea
          Death of Sylune of Shadowdale
  1357 Year of the Prince
          Aumark Lithyl unifies Ruathym
          King Virdin of Damara killed in Battle with Zhengyi
          Horustep III (age 11) takes the throne of Mulhorand
  1358 Year of the Shadows

          [0 Present Reckoning (PR)]
          The Times of Trouble begins; gods walk the Realms
          Destruction of Bane, Bhaal and Myrkul
          Ascendancy of Midnight & Cyric
          Dead & Wild magic appear in the Realms
          Mourngrym and Shaerl have a son, Scotti
  1359 Year of the Serpent
          Zhengyi is destroyed
          Damara united by Gareth Dragonsbane
          Tuigan horde united beneath Khahan
  1360 Year of the Turret
          Tuigan horde invades Faerun
          Crusade against the Tuigan
          King Azoun IV kills Khahan in single combat
  1361 Year of the Maidens
          The Banedeath (Cyric Holy War) in Zhentil Keep
          Orthodox Banite worship driven underground in Zhentil Keep
          Revelation of the True World of Maztica
  1362 Year of the Helm
  1363 Year of the Wyvern
          The Way Inn destroyed by hordes from Dragonspear
          The Battle of Daggerford
          Ring of Winter reappears in Chult
  1364 Year of the Wave
          The Way Inn rebuilt
  1365 Year of the Sword
          Alicia becomes high queen of the Moonshae
  1366 Year of the Staff
          First Princess of Thay marries Selfaril of Mulmaster
  1367 Year of the Shield
  1368 The Year of the Banner

  1369 The Year of the Gauntlet

  1370 The Year of the Tankard

  1371 The Year of the Unstrung Harp

  1372 The Year of Wild Magic

  1373 The Year of Rogue Dragons

  1374 The Year of Lightning Storms

  1375 The Year of Risen Elfkin

  1376 The Year of the Bent Blade

  1377 The Year of the Haunting



Source: Running the Realms  

Typed by: Chris Craig