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          KinkyGrrl's list of recommended x-files fanfic reading

          At the top of my list goes Imajiru Mackenzie's incredible Departure series; chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 2.5, and chapter 3. I can't stop re-reading this series; I consider it the ultimate M/K, perhaps the ultimate x-files fanfic. She has also written two others which I particularly enjoy: Quicksand and Triad

          Then there's Josan's web sit. Josan has abandoned us for Severus Snipe, alas, but before she did, she wrote a whole bunch of really nice fics, including Brutal Forces ( chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, and chapter 4) which was the series that got me turned on to x-files in the first place. It's an excellent example of my favorite type of fic; h/c between enemies. Then there's A Walk On The Dark Side, a story which starts out really strongly but ends on a weak note. Josan admitted that she'd run out of steam by the time she got to the end. Sniffle. Also of some note are The Game, which is right on the edge of being too dark for me, Hallowe'en Spirit, where Krycek is badly injured in a hospital and his spirit comes to Skinner, Closed Doors, in which Skinner takes care of a badly injured and raped Krycek, and Getting A Life, which is one of my favorites for the scene where Krycek offers Skinner revenge for the things Krycek has done to him. Then, just for a laugh, try reading The Three Little Feebies . Two others of note: Beyond The Barrier of Snow, which is an AU with Krycek and Skinner in a medieval world, and Skinner's Reward, which is a very naughty story wherein Krycek provides Skinner with a means for working out his frustration due to the actions of his most troublesome agent.

          Next on my list are a number of fic written by Satina an incurable M/K addict and a very nice lady who was very encouraging to me when I first stared writing fanfic. Some of my favorite Satina stories include Cauterized, where Krycek breaks into Mulder's apartment intending to rape and torture him, but something happens to change his mind. Very dark and compelling. Then there's Triangle ( chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3), in which Mulder goes back in time to an alternate world and discovers Krycek's greatest weakness, very sexy seduction scene. Also check out For As Long As I Can Remember, and the sequel Never Forget in which Krycek loses his memory and ends up with nothing but a business card in his pocket, with the name and number of someone called Fox Mulder, and It's Not Enough, which is a gripping series of encounters which start out with a chat room conversation, Wishin Don't Make It So, which is cute but what you really want to read it for is the smart-ass leprechaun, the Love Hurts series ( chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6), which is a great story and has some awesome cover art, and finally, Angelface, which is my personal favorite of her stories.

          Also by Satina and Shannon Kizzia there's a series of M/S/K stories; A Shared Obsession, which starts out with a slightly non-com between Krycek and Scully, Working Out The Kinks, where Mulder and Scully catch Krycek, tie him up and have their way with him, and Working Out The Kinks: Part 2, where Krycek gets them back. The last of my favorites, And Then there Were Three starts out with Mulder and Scully in a dungeon with Krycek. They torment him by having sex without him, but he has his revenge on them in Dead Of Night.

          Don't miss Shannon's solo work, including The Closure Mantra, where a drunken Scully goads a drunken Mulder into sending Krycek a message telling him to get lost but Krycek isn't taking the message the way he's supposed to. There are also a lot more M/K stories, too many to name, all well written.

          Next stop on my tour is Xanthe's site. Xanthe is a truly *excellent* writer whose specialty is Skinner/Mulder, but who has written a few lovely Krycek/Skinner stories, including Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot, which starts out with an apparently amnesiac Krycek in the hospital. Skinner tells Krycek they are brothers and takes Krycek to a cabin where he proceeds to interrogate him, refusing to believe that Krycek has amnesia. The ending wasn't bad, but it just wasn't *satisfying*, so I wrote my own ending, Waiting For The Rain, which can be found at Ephemeral. Two other great Krycek fics by Xanthe are A Man Of Two Truths and Shadowplay, which is rather on the dark side.

          Imp has written a surprisingly sweet M/K quadrilogy that is well worth reading. It's in the wrong order on the website, though, so here's the proper order: A Dark and Stormy Night, A Gray and Misty Morning, A Shadow in Sunshine, and The Calm Before the Storm

          Alex Krycek fanfiction

          The Alex Annex
            Be sure to read "What We Did To Alex", the tribute to fanfic writing on the cover page. Anyone who has ever written Krycek fanfic will feel this one slice right into your heart.
          Focused on Nick Lea
            Fantastic set of Krycek archives
          Skippers fanfic archives
            Skully/Krycek fanfic
          Gossamer Krycek Files
          Skinner/Krycek slash site
            This is a truly awesome collection of very talented writers.
          RATales archives
            Archives for the Yahoo group RATAles
          Rat Tales search engine
            Use this keyword search to find stories in the RATTales archives
          Skippers fan Fiction Archive
          Whispers of X
            A lot of these links seem to be broken. You have to do a lot of gleaning.
          Warm Thoughts
            The RaTB Skinner/Krycek archive, lots of excellent stories, be sure not to miss the WArm Thoughts ezine, which has some nice cover art and high quality writing.
            Set of links to Skinner/Krycek fanfic
          Addicted to Krycek
          All Things Rat
          Blondie's Ratcave
          Den of Sin
          Focussed on Nick Lea
          Mulder/Krycek Multimedia archive
          Kiss My American Ass
          Krycek Clone factory
          Lisa y Krysa
            Fanfic awards for Mulder/Krycek

          Other Fanfic writers' pages

          Amazon X's fanfic page
            Stories by Imp and Ursula. Member of M/K slash ring and Krycek Web ring and X-files fanfic webring.
          Hegal Place
            Homepages for Satina, Logan, David, Shannon, Sugar Rush, Marcia Elena, Flutesong, Fran and MSkipperville
          Vanzetti's homepage
          Sitnah's fanfic
          The Green Room
            Viridian's fanfic, including a very sexy M/K story called Affirmations, Saints and martyrs, 24 hour live bait, the "Not in our stars" series
          Araxdelan's Slash Site
            fanfic from Araxdelan, Abbie, Broken Angel, Eider, Janus, Lissa and Raietta. Lots of angst.
          Clair Dobbin's page
          Jane St Clair's fanfic
            Very sexy story called Half a World Away, a couple of Spender stories, some others.
          Maddie's page
          Morticia's page
            WARNING: not for the faint of heart or easily squicked. These stories are dark and difficult to read due to the depressing subject matter. Very well written, if you can tolerate the darkness.
          Elizabeth's fanfic page
          Valerie Adams' page
          LZL Slash Factory
            Fanfic by Louise Wu, Zoe Takashi and Loren Q
          The SKA Lab
            Fanfic by Pares
          Anne Zo's fanfic
          RatAdder and Teand's fanfic
            RatAdder writes Krycek so well... M/K and Sk/K, wonderful stories.

          General X-files fanfic

          Walter Torture Archives
          MulderTorture Anonymous
          2002 Spooky Awards
            Awards for outstanding X-files fanfic in lots of different categories
          Mrs. Fish's Spooky Awards
            Wonderful world of Make Believe, slash site. A few x-files, mostly crossovers, lots of Sentinal.
          WWOMB mailing list
            A whole bunch of Yahoo mailing lists, including many Xfiles lists.
          Maureen's xfiles fanfic
            Some very interesting and unusual crossovers.
          Mulder In Jeopardy
            High quality fanfic featuring Muldertorture
          Boys In Chains
            Fanfic of various sorts featuring imprisonment, slavery, etc.
          LZL Slash Factory
          Pollyanna's page
          Sue's page
          X-files Lyric Wheel
            Leads to many fanfic pages
            When a New story is posted to the ALT.TV.X-FILES.CREATIVE newsgroup, it is automatically archived to Ephemeral. These stories are eventually moved to the Gossamer site and cleared from Ephemeral.
            Go here to use the Google interface to read from and post to the *mature* x-files fanfic newsgroup
            Go here to use the Google interface to read from and post to the regular x-files fanfic newsgroup

          X-files episode guides

          Inside the X
            This awesome site has the actual *transcripts* from every x-files episode. An absolute must-have for writers who need to revisit actual events from the episodes.

          X-files episode guide

            Particularly of interest to Ratophiles:
            Sleepless,[2.4]Krycek teams up with Mulder
            Duane Barry,[2.5]
            Ascension,[2.6]Krycek prevents Mulder from getting to Scully, kills Duane Barry, then disappears
            Anasazi,[2.25]Krycek shoots Mulder's father, Scully must shoot Mulder to keep him from killing Krycek,
            The Blessing Way,[3.1]Scully's sister is shot
            Paper Clip,[3.2]Krycek overpowers Skinner and steals the DAT tape
            Piper Maru,[3.16]Krycek is possessed by the oily substance
            Apocrypha,[3.17]Krycek is left inside the silo
            Tunguska,[4.10]Krycek left out on Skinner's balcony, Krycek and Mulder in the Siberian gulag
            Terma,[4.11]Krycek loses his arm
            Patient X,[5.13]Krycek beats up Dmitri for info, sews his eyelids and mouth shut, exposes him to Oil, Marita steals him
            The Red and the Black,[5.14]WMM offers Krycek freedom for the vaccine, Marita is used as a guinea pig, Krycek tells Mulder about a captured alien
            The End,[5.20]Krycek nabs the CSM
            S R 819,[6.11]Krycek infests Skinner with nanocytes
            Two Fathers,[6.12]Krycek "corrupts" Jeff Spender
            One Son,[6.13]
            Biogenesis,[6.23]Krycek kills a scientist, gets a tape from Skinner, passes Mulder in the hall
            The Sixth Extinction II,[7.2]Krycek torments Skinner with nanocytes, gives Scully a key card that gets her into the facility where Mulder is being held
            Requiem,[7.22]Marita releases Krycek from Tunisian prison, Krycek kills CSM
            Deadalive,[8.15]Krycek "nanos" Skinner, taunts Doggett with the vaccine before leaving
            Essence,[8.20]Krycek saves Mulder and Scully from Billy Miles, tells FBI that Scully's child is a threat to the aliens
            Existence,[8.21]Krycek shot by Skinner

          Harry Potter


          Lest I Wither

            Extremely well written piece, Potter is poisoned and Snapes must find the antidote
          Growing Up
            Potter is dared by the Weasleys to proposition Snape.



          Gwendolyn Flight
          Red Rose Press

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