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The Prophesies of the Seer; Alaundo of Candlekeep.

Excerpt from: Prophesy 307.
Volume 212 article 100b.

And a Time will come
In the years following the Year of Shadow
when all man kind shall be forced to rely
on the strength of heart and mind
of the Adventurers who choose the path of shadow.
For in the road they walk, trials they will face
Trials of winds, darkness, bone and blood.

In their triumph a dark lord shall fall in power,
a tyrant is left unborn,
Whilst the Twelve hidden servants turn their eyes from the Realms.

With these adventurers doom new heroes are born,
The Realms shall be left to the skill of these few,
of those who walk in the paths of the Lord Skai
The Realms shall come to know.

The Hidden Twelve shall reign terror across Toril.
The Bloated Horned Lord shall be reborne to power.
The whisperings of the Lord of Lies,
taint the once pure of heart and servant to the Lord of Truth and Justice.
War of Dakrness shall strike death across all of faerun.

Peace shall follow, yet it leads only to hope
which leads to despair as only the words of Tyr
shall bring the Realms back from the brink of destruction.

Excerpt from Prophesy 423
Volume 213 Article 142a

Following a great war of Darkness,
a great shadow shall fall across the realms
such like a web of a spider;
she whom weaves such a web of shadow
 is indeed not the webs creator,
yet she is whom shall weave the web.
Under the shadow creeps in the lord of goats,
death and vengeance shall come to pass among the Heavens and the Hells.
Those thought indestructible fall to the assassinís blade.
Ancient scrolls carried by the chain herald the coming of the end of an age,
like church bells ringing on the eternal day of mourning.
War between midnight and the False Old Mage erupts,
as the spider bares its fangs, yet falls to a betrayal by the shadow charm.
The shadow thickens strengthening the shadow folk and
the past meets the present.
The Lord of the unliving seeks what was lost to him
 on the day of his false death. Shadow and death pave the road
for the Scaly Queen and a flight of avian take the day.
Yet it is the conquest of the infernal ruby throne
that fights from below that shall take control.
The Fury of the pits reigns supreme.
Fight as they all may, light shall be banished,
as it is the end of the age,
and the coming of a new age.

The Infamous "Apocalyptic" Scrolls
written in the year 1360

The failings of the righteous shall bring forth the start of the end.
Death shall be unchained and released upon the Realms.
The Queen of Dragonkind shall be born from the egg of her children.
A Lord shall annihilate the King whilst a Goddess weeps arcane instability upon the Realms.
Destruction by the shadow side shall bring forth destruction.
Tides of nature shall plague the Thri-keen upon the heart of the Realms.
The Heavens shall rain tears of corrosive agony and the elemental planes shall spill forth upon the earth.
The false prisoner has risen up from the pits, the realms are no more.
Fate has been sealed. The gods have worked their fate upon the realms.
No mere divine shall alter what will be.
Fate has spoken, now her back is turned

The Scrolls of Despair and Hope.
Written in Year 1365

"When Nightal is almost at a close/
There from the gate wall shall descend/
A serpent to blow the Horn of Doom/
At the graveyard Kingdom of Man.

If the Star of Storms is its brightest/
When the horn of doom is sounded/
Soundest ground shall be torn asunder/
The tapestry forever frayed.

But if the Raging King has failed/
To keep his five retainers true/
Come 'morrow, the blessed sun will rise/
And no chaos shall ill ensue."