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In Loving Memory of my darling Mick.

It hurts so bad that you are gone babe. Why you chose to end your life, I will never know. All I know is that I, and our friends who loved you are hurting and we miss our sweet little prankster. Those of us who knew you knew you were a very loving man who would drop anything to help a friend in need.

When I met you, you were caring for your mom.

That showed me that you were a man of honor and compassion. Our lives will go on, but there will always be a void where you used to be in our lives Babe. You were one in a million.

With all of our love Mick from, Dawn, Carol, Cindy and Colin. We will never forget our favorite Cheech Wizard/Technomage.

Rest in peace.

Love, Dawn.

Our Favorite Prankster...

Well Mick, it's been a little over a year since you left us so suddenly. It's been a long and very painful year, made tolerable due to the love and support of my family, and those who we called our friends, Cindy, Colin, Carol, and Christy. All of us miss your zany, totally out of this world, sense of humor. But most of all, we miss the warm, kind, and compassionate man who was dear to us. The man who would help a friend, even a stranger, in any way he could. No matter the cost or the work, you were always there to lend a hand.

And a word to those who would still use Mick's death as a way to "hurt" or make a cold jab at me, you are totally unworthy of the dirt he would wipe off of his shoes. Mick was more of a human being than any of you could ever hope to be. To use his death as a means of going after me for your sick and twisted perversions is sick. All you have succeeded in doing is proving that indeed, Mick was, and always will be, the better man. Don't forget, I knew him, the human being, you fools only knew him as Techno who was only having fun. Like I said, Mick was the better man, those of you who were cold to him, and now, who use his death as a means to get at me, are nothing.

Mick, you will always be in my heart, and in the hearts of those who knew you and loved you. Our lives go on, but, there will always be that void because we terribly miss our Sweet Prankster who could make us laugh like nothing else with his crazy jokes. Rest in peace Mick, and remember, we all love you.

Love Forever,

This page is dedicated to our dear and loving friend, Mick, who tragically took his own life 3/25/02. Known to some as Cheech Wizard or The Technomage, Mick had a passion and a particular skill for rebuilding Chargers, his is shown above. I have also placed these pictures of chargers as a reminder of the love and devotion he poured into his charger. Two facets which we learnt were typical of Mick in many aspects of his life.
Mick loved his mother dearly and cared for her until she was put in a home by his brother then passed away. He loved his partner Dawn dearly, as she loved and cherished him. Having known Mick as a deep and compassionate man with a warm and loving heart in tune with nature I can say with truth that his passing is indeed a great and sad loss.

If you're experiencing suicidal feelings and/or thoughts or you're depressed PLEASE follow this link and read.
Click here to see the cartoon Mick loved
Please learn about the mentality of a cyberstalker and where you can go for help

In his farewell note Mick wrote that he could not bear the pain
of his mothers death any longer.
Those that viciously mocked and were cruel and callous enough to suggest suicide via a message board, remember your shameful part in
this needless death of a compassionate human being, it seems he
took your advice. I hope his death is a lesson to you which you
learn well and NEVER forget.

For Mick ~ A Valiant Defender ~ May his sweet soul rest in peace.

Please play the following dedications in memory of Mick, thank you.

Head like a hole, the webmasters dedication to a real piece of work
Ace of Spades
Walk all over you
Ride like the wind Brothers in Arms
Marthas Harbour Freebird Never say goodbye Closer to the heart
Higher Home sweet home I remember you My heart will go on
Runaway train Unchained melody Wish you were here Unforgiven - You know who you are

Please also follow this link which is in memory
of Mick and thousands of other Americans.
I think he would have appreciated it.

From Cindy
Point of No Return
By Carole Nichols

When all the dreams you've dreamed,
Are shattered and scattered on the wind;
The pieces left are naught but dust,
That would take too long to find and mend.
When all your hopes become hopeless,
And your heart is broken beyond repair;
When you hurt so bad you cannot cry,
You find yourself too numb to care.
There is a tragic place you reach,
The mind decides it's all futile yearning;
It makes you give up on life and love,
You reach the point of no returning.
Your soul embraces the empty void,
As you say goodbye to all that was dear;
Then the blood shall cool in a forsaken heart,
For the point of no return is here.

No Witness
If there is no sound
without a witness
to hear a tree fall
in the forest,
is there no pain
without a witness
to the tears
I cry for you?
The Forever Immortal Words of Mick, aka Technomage:

“I've gotta figure out my life now. I lost my Home, IF he wanted $$$ Idea given him a pile so my Ma coulda just enjoyed her last days. BUT he wanted to Punish her for helping me to recover. It hurts so damn bad............
I would help out the forces of retalation out BUT I have this Lady Erora, and IF I get into a "Situation" with a Lady SO I'm stymied. One way or another you go through life, you live alone, you keep a wife. AND if I do waht I'm doing I have "Responsibilitys" ( Waggg) {me responsibile?!?}
SO I have ended in a rather Nasty Canto of Hell. Heaven dont want me and the Devil's afraide I'll take over Hell. Ha!......
So I gotta let Karma do its due, I gota do a real deep Magick Trick, calling upon the Light (it hears me, it just takes its sweet damn time. BUT as all tell me, I'm the Magican I just have to focus the power..........”
“I have basicaly read/Studyed Every Pholosfy/Religion. I fdind things that help at times.
"kindness and compassion " sometimes ya gota show it to those who dont deserve it............
Thanks for not trying to drive a stake in my heart for my spelling (A Kindness) Some Evil Forces
Since Nam I said I would NEVER do what I had to do to survive, BUT if it werent for the harm it would cause an innoncent Lady, I'de snuff it and its progony. Yeah you got it, gotta do some good to combat forcess like Bin Loudmouth,Fatass, My Mother-Killer Brother. Except he aint got no Balls (Eunic) 68
Charger, Oh Yeah, Part of another ritchual of invokation that worked.......... “
“My Charger has 906 Casting Heads WITH Roller Rockers, Runnnin about 575 HP ON a Dynamonotor”
“And another thing, I Love my Lady. I am TRUE to her. AND she is the Ultimate Babe. I dont know what makes her more Beautyfull, Her Looks OR the Fact that she can LOVE someone as intense as Moi..........”
“Spent about 10 - 12 Years restoring it. 3:23 Gear, Hoped Up the 727 Trans, Got me a 440 with a FORDEGED CRANK Looked up the BEST Castings for Heads (906's) Biggest Ports AND Biggest Valves. Rolling Rocker Arms,Whand "Stelth" intake. Totaly Restored the Body............. NICE!”
“LOOK at all the HATE in this world. Even on this small quadrent, I and my Lady Endure all kinds of slander. Does it make your life compleat? (Get your rocks off)”
“One thing you will never be able to understand in life. The Sarge Carried my ass out of the Swamp in Viet Nam because I got shot. He refused to loose any Men. He kept us alive. He used us and out talents to keep each other alive. Who would you give your ass to keep alive. Other than yourself? “

For Mick – The Technomage

Why? Was this the only way? Was your pain so deep and unreachable? No clues, no warnings, suddenly you are just gone. What was the final straw? Your brother? Guilt that was not yours to bear? Was it the nasty bastards on the boards who couldn’t see past their own perverse need to hurt, blinding themselves to another in need of compassion? Why, Mick? FUCK! We were always just a phone call away, or an email, an SOS on a board, something, ANYTHING! Don’t you understand that Technomages just don’t die? They are special, they are MAGIC!
This hurts, Techno, this hurts like hell. Not even a good-bye. You didn’t even give us the chance to say, “Good-bye, Bud, we love ya.” No more ramblings on the boards from The Technomage. It’s too hard to grasp that there will be no more of your endless, and sometimes confusing, thoughts. Then every now and then you would surprise us with something so simple yet so deep, so full of common sense and the feelings of true compassion for others. When you wanted to be funny you did a damn fine job of it. But this isn’t funny. This is the most unfunniest thing you’ve ever done. Aww, Fuck, Tech, why didn’t you just call? Why do I keep hearing the same thing over and over, running through my mind like a mantra…”Who turned out the damn light?”
Good-bye, Bud, we love ya.

Colin & Cindy

For Dawn:

Dorothy Parker - Condolence

They hurried here, as soon as you had died, Their faces damp with haste and sympathy, And pressed my hand in theirs, and smoothed my knee, And clicked their tongues, and watched me, mournful-eyed. Gently they told me of that Other Side- How, even then, you waited there for me, And what ecstatic meeting ours would be. Moved by the lovely tale, they broke, and cried.

And when I smiled, they told me I was brave, And they rejoiced that I was comforted, And left to tell of all the help they gave. But I had smiled to think how you, the dead, So curiously preoccupied and grave, Would laugh, could you have heard the things they said.

“Death is nothing at all ~ I have only slipped away into the next room. I am I, and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, that we still are.”

By: Henry Scott Holland

“I just want you to know that through all these times, I’ll think about you And I’ll be with you.

Death may seize many around us And so darkness seems to surround us, But since there is always a light, I’ll be with you.”



Damn, Buddy, what can we say? The usual condescending bullshit like, “It’ll all be okay,” “He’s in a better place,” or “You must get on with your own life,” just doesn’t cut it and we won’t insult you or Mick’s memory by blathering such inane comments. The truth is that you hurt like hell, probably like you’ve never hurt before. No, it won’t be all better soon, the pain won’t just go away, and as far as we are concerned there is no better place for Mick than by your side. Your grief is your own, it’s your right, don’t let anyone tell you different. Cry, scream, cuss, whatever, just get it out because to hold such pain inside will only hurt more. If you are angry accept that also as being a normal part of grief. Feel no guilt. We’re angry. Hell yes, we are angry! We’ve lost a damn fine friend, a good, loving and compassionate man. We also have a wonderful friend who is hurting, grieving and probably feeling very alone and frightened, a kind-hearted friend who has lost the love and light in her life.

Accept your grief. Embrace it. Just remember that we are only a phone call away. If you need to escape our home is always open to you. If you need to talk, at any time, day or night, call. We can’t take your pain away but we can share it. We can’t put your world back to the way it was be we can give comfort and a warm, loving place to stay, to seek peace and solace. Just say the word, Buddy, and a bed will be ready for you.

All our love and sympathy,

Colin & Cindy


As partners in Magik, seekers of the truth
In candlelight, kept secrets, many emotions shared....
Darkness ever lurking, never finding youth
Always watching moontides, waxing, waning and
moonmadness glare....
Time passed us too quickly my friend our hearts still intertwined
But your passing has kept us together, magik soul mates for all time
Tao says, one veil from daylight..a shadow step away...forever in our lives..our hearts
You left behind your truths, righteousness and
compassion to those who cared
Warrior..You are to me what I've always wanted to be..
You are the magik and the beauty of loves shining and guiding light
"Love as thou with free will," these were your guiding words....forever!
I shall miss you always....a shadow step away

~ Love, Magik~

For anyone who may be interested, Mick took a lot of harassment over the internet via a message board. For that reason and the fact that others were being viciously attacked, complaints were made to Yahoo asking them to do something. We feel the harassment, disgusting jokes about his deceased mother and suicide suggestions from one person in particular was contributory to Mick's final act. In light of this a complaint was sent in an email to They didn't even have the common courtesy to reply.

If you would like to contribute or make a dedication or condolence
to Mick or Dawn please don't hesitate to email us
with your contribution. Thank you.