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Thou shalt always say, think, or do whatever you truly desire, so long as it harms no one (including yourself).

Thou shalt live according to the laws of Nature, not against them. Coordinate sleep, food, physical exertion, and work with the ways of nature.

Thou shalt not destroy Nature, not take from Her without restoring that which was taken.

Thou shalt keep the balance of Nature at all times.

Thou shalt worship in the way you please, and let others do likewise, even though you may not understand their ways.

Thou shalt not take the life of another living thing, except for food or in protection.

Thou shalt not cage another living thing.

Thou shalt be free to love whomever thou please, so long as thy primary obligation to the home, family, and community are not neglected.

Thou shalt express thyself through arts and crafts, music, dancing, singing, and poetry: for in doing so, thou shalt be in rhythm with Nature.

Thou shalt accept as natural communications from the world beyond and the inner planes.

Thou shalt develop psychic abilities as a natural function of personality.

Thou shalt always strike a balance between mind and body; through exercising them both. Develop the inner self through the interplay of both thy halves: ever mindful that the spirit is above and beyond both the mind and the body.

Thou shalt not forget that the spirit within and the spirit without are the only true god.

FURTHER: Many pagans believe in the personification of both a female and male godhead, or universal consciousness, and name them and worship them in order to make them stronger, to help correct the horrendous things done in the name of civilization and religion.

Sex is clean, and nudity, being the natural state, is beautiful