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Kill 'Em All (1983)

01 Hit the Lights lyrics
02 The Four Horsemen lyrics
03 Motorbreath lyrics
04 Jump in the Fire lyrics
05 (Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth (Instrumental)
06 Whiplash lyrics
07 Phantom Lord lyrics
08 No Remorse lyrics
09 Seek & Destroy lyrics
10 Metal Militia lyrics

Ride the Lightning (1984)

01 Fight Fire with Fire lyrics
02 Ride the Lightning lyrics
03 For Whom the Bell Tolls lyrics
04 Fade to Black lyrics
05 Trapped Under Ice lyrics
06 Escape lyrics
07 Creeping Death lyrics
08 The Call of Ktulu (Instrumental)

Master of Puppets (1986)

01 Battery lyrics
02 Master of Puppets lyrics
03 The Thing That Should Not Be lyrics
04 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) lyrics
05 Disposable Heroes lyrics
06 Leper Messiah lyrics
07 Orion (Instrumental)
08 Damage, Inc. lyrics

...And Justice for All (1988)

01 Blackened lyrics
02 ...And Justice for All lyrics
03 Eye of the Beholder lyrics
04 One lyrics
05 The Shortest Straw lyrics
06 Harvester of Sorrow lyrics
07 The Frayed Ends of Sanity lyrics
08 To Live Is to Die lyrics
09 Dyers Eve lyrics

Metallica (Black Album) (1991)

01 Enter Sandman lyrics
02 Sad But True lyrics
03 Holier Than Thou lyrics
04 The Unforgiven lyrics
05 Wherever I May Roam lyrics
06 Don't Tread on Me lyrics
07 Through the Never lyrics
08 Nothing Else Matters lyrics
09 Of Wolf and Man lyrics
10 The God That Failed lyrics
11 My Friend of Misery lyrics
12 The Struggle Within lyrics

Load (1996)

01 Ain't My Bitch lyrics
02 2 x 4 lyrics
03 The House That Jack Built lyrics
04 Until It Sleeps lyrics
05 King Nothing lyrics
06 Hero of the Day lyrics
07 Bleeding Me lyrics
08 Cure lyrics
09 Poor Twisted Me lyrics
10 Wasting My Hate lyrics
11 Mama Said lyrics
12 Thorn Within lyrics
13 Ronnie lyrics
14 The Outlaw Torn lyrics

Reload (1997)

01 Fuel lyrics
02 The Memory Remains lyrics
03 Devil's Dance lyrics
04 The Unforgiven II lyrics
05 Better Than You lyrics
06 Slither lyrics
07 Carpe Diem Baby lyrics
08 Bad Seed lyrics
09 Where the Wild Things Are lyrics
10 Prince Charming lyrics
11 Low Man's Lyric lyrics
12 Attitude lyrics
13 Fixxer lyrics

Garage Inc. (1998)

Disc One

01 Free Speech for the Dumb lyrics
02 It's Electric lyrics
03 Sabra Cadabra lyrics
04 Turn the Page lyrics
05 Die, Die My Darling lyrics
06 Loverman lyrics
07 Mercyful Faith lyrics
08 Astronomy lyrics
09 Whiskey in the Jar lyrics
10 Tuesday's Gone lyrics
11 The More I See lyrics

Disc Two

01 Helpless lyrics
02 The Small Hours lyrics
03 The Wait lyrics
04 Crash Course in the Brain Surgery lyrics
05 Last Caress / Green Hell lyrics
06 Am I Evil lyrics
07 Blitzkrieg lyrics
08 Breadfan lyrics
09 The Prince lyrics
10 Stone Cold Crazy lyrics
11 So What lyrics
12 Killing Time lyrics
13 Overkill lyrics
14 Damage Case lyrics
15 Stone Dead Forever lyrics
16 Too Late, Too Late lyrics

S & M (1999)

Disc One

01 The Ecstacy of Gold (Instrumental)
02 The Call of Ktulu (Instrumental)
03 Master of Puppets lyrics
04 Of Wolf and Man lyrics
05 The Thing That Should Not Be lyrics
06 Fuel lyrics
07 The Memory Remains lyrics
08 No Leaf Clover lyrics
09 Hero of the Day lyrics
10 Devil's Dance lyrics
11 Bleeding Me lyrics

Disc Two

01 Nothing Else Matters lyrics
02 Until It Sleeps lyrics
03 For Whom the Bell Tolls lyrics
04 - Human lyrics
05 Wherever I May Roam lyrics
06 The Outlaw Torn lyrics
07 Sad But True lyrics
08 One lyrics
09 Enter Sandman lyrics
10 Battery lyrics

St. Anger (2003)

01 Frantic lyrics
02 St. Anger lyrics
03 Some Kind of Monster lyrics
04 Dirty Window lyrics
05 Invisible Kid lyrics
06 My World lyrics
07 Shoot Me Again lyrics
08 Sweet Amber lyrics
09 Unnamed Feeling lyrics
10 Purify lyrics
11 All Within My Hands lyrics

Death Magnetic (2008)

01 That Was Just Your Life lyrics
02 The End Of The Line lyrics
03 Broken, Beat & Scarred lyrics
04 The Day That Never Comes lyrics
05 All Nightmare Long lyrics
06 Cyanide lyrics
07 The Unforgiven III lyrics
08 The Judas Kiss lyrics
09 Suicide & Redemption lyrics
10 My Apocalypse lyrics

- I Disappear (from the Motion Picture M:I 2) lyrics


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