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My Biography

Richard Lemme
United States Postal Service
826 Jefferson St.
Oshkosh, WI 54901-4560

HELLO my name is RICHARD (DICK) LEMME, I live in OSHKOSH, WISCONSIN a city of about 62,000 people 85 miles north of Milwaukee. I was born on the 13th day of JULY 1939 to Arnold & Dorthea (Powell) Lemme, the oldest of 3 children of which I'm the only remaining survivor. After leaving High School in 1956 I enlisted into the U.S. Air Force and became an (APE) Air Policeman. Upon returning home, I did many odd jobs until I was tested and hired by the U.S. Government in the Postal Service as a clerk, then in 1975 I transferred to the carriers division as a Rural Route Letter Carrier, where I remained until my retirement in July of 1993.

My love for Amateur Radio started in the early 60's, but did not become a reality until being introduced to my new friend (MY ELMER) Dr. George Meyer, WA9EUA, and now K9AV living in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was a local dentist who took the time from his busy schedule to teach myself and other people the necessary skills needed for becoming a licensed Radio Amateur Operator. I was first licensed as a Novice under F.C.C. assigned call WN9GJU in January 1963, and received my Technician in November the same year, modifying my call to WA9GJU. I continued to up grade to General as of April 1964, then to Advanced in July 1968. It wasn't until January 1979 that my call was changed to KB9FA. After my long awaited retirement I started studying for my Extra Class and upgraded in November 1994, but didn't change my call to K9FA (FAT ALBERT) or (FRIENDLY AMATEUR) until 1996 under the Vanity Program.

My Amateur Equipment has changed many times over these many years, starting with a Heath AT-1 transmitter running 35 watts, xtal controlled, to a simple dipole and using a Hallicrafter S20R/Q Multiplier for receiving. Now I operate several radios, Icom 756 PRO, Icom 746, and an Icom 706 Mark II mobile. My antenna farm (60' X 134' City Lot) has grown from a single simple dipole to more then 15 difference skyhooks of every shape and size, with more to be added as time, space and my retirement funds will permit. I operate most all modes on 220, 440, 2, 6, and 10 through 160-meter bands.

My other love is Personal Computing and have a custom built IBM compatible computer. I have tried joining my 2 hobbies together to create one super cyber-force. I don't know much about computing but I'm learning. And E-Mail me at or at to let me know how well I'm doing. Hope to see you again soon. HAVE FUN

Thank's for checking it out. 73's

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