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                      Diana's Dress Auction

 Lots 71-80

                                          Lot 71                             Lot 72
Lot 71---Catherine Walker again designed a cool and elegant silk  gown for Diana. Sold for $25,300 , it was first worn in 1992 when Diana was guest of honour for the Australian Ballet  performance at the  London Coliseum. (According to Joanna Finley of Australia whose reference is the Catherine Walker bio) This dress was originally designed as a low v-neck, but the Princess thought it too revealing so asked to have the insert sewn in.  But notice the cool v in the back.

In 1993 on July 8, Diana wore it when she visited the Mudchute Park and Farm on the Isles Of Dogs in London.

Lot 72--I can't believe this sold for a mere $21,850. It's such a beautiful outfit. The tunic top is beaded and flows into a long silk skirt. Diana wore it in 1993 to the national Ballet. Currently owned by Ellen Petho. Ms Petho has agreed to exhibited the 5 gowns she owns on several occasions for charity.


Lot 73--This beautiful gown was designed by Bruce Oldfield and worn by Diana November 1, 1988 to the 2nd Bruce Oldfield Gala held at Grosvenor House.  Note the matching velvet shoes above.

In 1987, she wore it on an official visit to Portugal.

Diana later wore it for a British Fashion Event.

It is made of heavy purple velvet and sold for  $26,450. and  was purchased by a Donna Coffin of Oak Forest, Illinois.
                                             Lot 74                                                         Lot 75

Lot 74--Diana wore this gorgeous Burgundy velvet in 1985 for the premiere of Back To The Future.  Catherine Walker designed it. Almost as famous as the dress is the pearl necklace Diana wore in the plunging  v-styled back. It raised $26,450 at the auction. Owned by Marueen Rorech and currently at Kensington palace..

Lot 75--Victor Edelstein designed this dramatic velvet evening gown  with  ribbed silk braid trimming for Diana to wear March 6, 1989 to the premiere of Dangerous Laisons, as seen in this picture. She accessorized with long black satin gloves. There is a v-cut in the back of the dress.

In  1991 Diana wore it without gloves for the premiere of Postcards from The Edge. Her accessories then were diamond earrings and 2 gold bracelets.

It was seen again at another film premiere in 1991; Rambling Rose.

Diana donned the dress for the premiere of  1492 . No gloves this time but she added a pearl choker. This was in 1992.

Diana can be seen in this dress on the cover of LIFE magazine, November 1997. She also wore it as part of the Vanity fair shoot as seen in VF July 1997. It sold for $31,050.
   Lot 76                                                                                                          Lot 77

Lot 76--This Catherine Walker design which first showed up on Diana in 1987  as a high-necked, almost too fussy design was later altered to a strapless gown, which is how it looked when sold at the auction.  The gown with its velvet bodice and satin skirt. sold for $24,150. Above is the back view of Diana getting into a car, before the dress was altered.

Lot 77--In October 1987, Diana  first wore wore this Bellville Sassoon. Its black crepe with jeweled straps.

She wore it again in Canada, 1991.

In July 1993, Diana attended a gala of the Kirov Ballet at the London Coliseum and again chose this dress. That time she wore strappy high heel shoes with it .It sold for $23,000 at the auction.
                                                                                  Lot 78                               Lot 79

 Lot 78--Diana  debuted the gown  this extravagent creation for The British Fashion Awards in October 1989. Its Creator, Catherine Walker was up for an award but unfortunately didnt win. It was held at the Famed Royal Albert Hall . Diana wore her hair in a tight french twist on that evening.

Now known as The  ELVIS gown, it was  privately commisioned  for Diana's official visit to Hong Kong in November 1989. She wore it for the Hong Kong Cultural centre in Kowloon. Diana accessorized with her Queen mary Tiara on that occasion.Above photo.

At times,  Diana wore the strapless gown without the jacket as on  a state visit to Hungary May 7,  1990 when she accessorized with her  her favorite pearl/sapphire choker.

 The gown covered with ivory sequins and bead, was one of the HITS of the auction. Purchased by Franklin Mint, it sold for $151,000.  Its available in miniature on a Franklin Mint Porcelain Diana doll.

Lot 79--   Diana danced the night away at the White House in 1984. She partnered,President Reagan and Neil Diamond as well as John Travolta, yet it didnt become known as the Diamond Dress but the Travolta dress.

This long column of midnight blue velvet with its draped effect and large velvet bow adorning the back became an instant hit. With the gorgeous sapphire choker as adornment, Diana shimmered.

Several other times Diana wore this gown, once with the gorgeous diamond and emerald suite which was a gift in 1987 from the OMAN. (This caused a fuss in London when she accepted the gift in 1987)

Then again in February 1987 Diana wore it to the Savoy Hotel without any accompanying necklace at all.

In December 1991,   Diana wore the blue gown  sans necklace, with two jeweled bracelets to the Royal Opera House charity gala The Carnival of Birds . It raised the highest bid: $222,500 at the auction..
 Its available in miniature on a Franklin Mint vinyl Diana doll  including the choker or is available as just an outfit but with the Shah Of Oman sapphire necklace.
  Lot 80
Lot 80 -Victor Edelstein  created the ivory satin and embroidered gown that was Diana's favorite. It was embroidered by the famous  French House of Hurel. She wore it to the Elysee palace in Paris during their official visit , November 7, 1988.

 Then on February 1 , 1989, Diana appeared in New York at the Wintergarten gala dinner

From 1986-1990,  Diana posed for a series of  15 portraits by Terence Donovan , in a couple she wore this gown

Purchased also by Kate McEnroe of AMC at $90,500.

This was the final Lot. (There was no lot 13---a throwback to superstition). According to Mrs Meredith Etherton-Smith as reported in Royalty Magazine, Diana found it tough to give some of the dresses away. One dress hovered in and out of the wardrobe but ultimately Diana figured it would do more good being auctioned.

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