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Diana's Dress Auction

 Lots 1-10

                             Lot 1                                                                                      Lot 2
LOT  1--Designed by GIna Fratini this ivory colored gown sold for $85,000 at the auction. It is decorated with pearls and beads. It was lot #1 in the auction . The flowing chiffon skirt is classy and sexy at the same time. Diana  wore it to a ballet in Rio de janiero.

.LOT 2-- in 1993, Diana wore this striking costume to the Serpentine Gallery. It sold for $74,000 at auction.
Diana wiped Charles  televised confession of adultery off the front pages with this sexy number. Christina  Stambolian designed it for Diana. Its available in exquisite detail)  on a Limited Edition Franklin Mint doll. Graeme Mackenzie of Gourock, Scotland bought the dress at the auction.

                     Lot 3

LOT 3-- This Gray-blue silk halterneck dress was designed by Catherine Walker. Diana wore it in 1995 at a gallery opening. $77,300

                                                                     Lot 4

Lot 4--Bellville Sasson design. Black silk dress with satin white cuffs. It sold for $43,700. Diana wore this off-the shoulder dress to a London Concert at the Barbicon. By Lorcan-Mullany- Sasoon, the jacket is covered with sequins while a white satin color and cuffs offers contrast. Sold for $43,700 to Paris Match Magazine.  It was then given away as a prize to some lucky contest winner.
             Lot 5                                                                                                             Lot 6
Lot 5--Purple and red ballgown by catherine Walker. Sold for $48,300. Diana wore it for a official visit to Thailand in 1988. In 1989 she again was seen attending a movie premiere in it. It is available on a Franklin Mint Porcelain doll.

Lot 6--One of Diana's more famous gowns. Its flowing chiffon, and she wore it with a matching neck scarf. Designed by Catherine walker, Diana wore it several times in public. Once at  1997 Cannes film festival and again to a film opening. Sold for $70,700. It is available on a Franklin Mint Porcelain doll, Princess Of Elegance.

                                                   Lot 7
Lot 7--Zandra Rhodes designed several gowns for Diana. This gown was white chiffon decorated with beads, sequins. Sold for $41,400. Worn to a concert.
                                     Lot 8
Lot 8--This strapless flowered gown was designed by Catherine Walker. Diana wore it, and danced with Charles at Melbourne in 1988 plus several other times including the premiere in 1988 of Crocodile Dundee.. It sold for $50,600. It is owned by Suzanne King of Texas.
                                                                             Lot 9
 Lot 9--In 1991 Diana visited pakistan and wore this marvelous catherine walker dress. With its shades of pink , and a gorgeous beaded bodice, it was seen at several public occasions including the Royal Variety performance. Lord Snowdon photographed Diana in this gown. Sold for  $51,750.
It was bought by Pam Henn in memory of a 9 yr old girl who had died of cancer.
                                                              Lot 10 (worn to private banquet))

Lot 10--Catherine Walker designed this short black dress with vertical stripes. Sold for  $34,500.  Bought by In 1993,Diana only wore it once, to her last state banquet.  Designed by Catherine Walker, Terry Jasper who lives in Laguna Niguel,  California owns this dress.  Her daughter, Julie Jasper-Lakins displays the dress at Charitable events. She informs me the dress is a perfect size 8.  After Diana's death, she found she couldnt even try it on.

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