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Full House 4 Life Group

I am very proud to say that as of August 9th 2004,I have created my very own Full House group called “Full House 4 Life”

It is very cool! It includes pictures, links, message board, chat room, polls, and something no other group has…..A private trivia room! The trivia room is an area only available to members in which they take a daily quiz and are ranked and each day there is a top score winner.You get points on how fast you took it and how many u got right. So please help me support my site in making it one of the best Full House groups out there by joining. by and join my group. Just go to


Full House Role-Play

I have just created another FH group as of September 1st 2004 but this one is role-play. Role-play is basicly where you become the character of your dreams. More information about is one the group so please, please join and hopefully you won’t regret it. It is at