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Ask Sara anything about Full House!

I bet some of you have questions about Full House that you are just dying to know the answer. Well here you can contact me and ask me a question about Full House, any of the cast members or my site. IfI myself donít know the answer I will look it up for you and then will post the answer below.So click to contact me ------ŗ



1.How come in the first season Jesseís last name was Cochran but later changed to Katsopolis?

ANSWER: John Stamos wanted to show his Greek heritage to the world so he forced the producers to change it to Katsopolis after numerous episodes.

2.How come Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen split the role of Michelle instead of just having one of them?

ANSWER: There was a law that little children couldnít be on set for a certain amount of time therefore Mary-Kate did half of an episode while Ashley did the other half.