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7-9-04: During the summer, Nick @ Nite will have a Full House marathon every Friday for the road crew special.

7-8-04: Congrats to Andrea and her husband Jeremy for having an adorable baby boy on April 30th, 2004.They named him Tate James. Tate weighed 61bs 7oz.See pictures of him at

So check it out!


7-7-04: Lori Loughlin has her hands full starring and producing in the new WB sitcom called “Summerland”. Loughlin plays a clothing designer named Ava who inherits her sister’s three children after an unexpected death of their mother and father. It currently airs on Tuesday nights so check your local listings!

7-6-04: The Full House gang went to the premier of “New York Minute” last May. All but John Stamos attended to support their former workmates. For pictures of the event click on


7-5-04: Mary-Kate and Ashley quit the “Got Milk” campaign due to the fact Mary-Kate had anorexia (eating disorder). However, two U.S. tabloids published a story last week saying the troubled twin was battling a cocaine addiction but representatives denied it.

4-12-04: John Stamos and his wife Rebecca separated as of Monday April 12th, 2004 after 9 years of dating and 5 years of marriage.