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Simtower - Simtower Information

Simtower was originally created as TOWER by OPeNBooK Ltd., Japan.

Windows version published and distributed under license worldwide (except Japan) by Maxis, Inc. - from Simtower about page

Basic Information

Buildings. Towers. Skyscrapers. They are seen and accessed daily by billions of people, but how often does one stop to think of how it feels to have the power to build such a tower? Simtower is a PC game that lets us experience the awesome power of constructing and managing towering skyscrapers, and most important, keeping the tenants happy.
Use tools to build places like shops, fast food places, restaurants, condos, offices, hotels, and much more!

The game has a rating system based on stars, much like how hotels are rated in real life. In addition, what is available for you to build depends on how many stars you have. For example, security stations can only be built after two stars are obtained.

The info toolbar shows the game time, weekday/weekend, quarter, year, funds, population and how many stars have been obtained.

Now, from the screenshots, the graphics may not look the greatest, and they aren't, however, the game is extremely fun and addicting and well makes up for that. If you own a copy of this game, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you don't, then go and buy one, because its well worth the money through play and replay value.

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